There’s something peculiar happening with the real estate markets today. Commonly in a slump, is asking for rentals goes up while is asking for lives goes down. But if there’s anything 2020 has taught us, it’s that everything is turned on its head right now.

Instead, we’re seeing an interesting trend: despite the ongoing pandemic, home-buying is experiencing higher demand now than they have been since 1999, according to the National Association of Realtorsr( NAR ). If you’ve been hoping to buy a home soon, you’re probably once aware of this weird trend, and evoked. But is it the same story everywhere? And is a pandemic genuinely the right time to buy?

How the Pandemic is Changing Homeownership

This pandemic is different from any other in record in that many people — especially some of the highest-paid works — aren’t being hit as hard as people who rely on their manual labor for income. This, read in conjunction with an ultra-low mortgage rate environment and a new lifestyle that’s not fit for a cramped suite, is creating the excellent tornado of high-dollar homebuyers.

“I didn’t want to pay someone else’s mortgage to have three roommates, ” says Amy Klegarth, a genomics professional who recently bought a home in White Center, a outskirt of Seattle where she was formerly renting. “I moved because I could yield to get a house with a large yard here for my goats, Taco and Piper.”

Whether you have goat minors or human kids( or even no adolescents ), you’re not the only one looking for a brand-new home in a roomier locale. Harmonizing to the NAR report, residence sales in suburban areas went up 7% compared to just before the pandemic started. In some groceries, it’s not hard to understand why people are moving out.

Where Are People Going?

Apartments are small everywhere, but they’re not all the same price. For example, homes in municipalities tend to be 300 square paws smaller than their suburban counterparts. Some of the hottest home-buying groceries right now are in areas where nearby hires are already too high, often collection around tech and busines centres that entice high-paid employees. After all, if you can’t go into the office and all of the normal city attractions are shut down, what’s the stage of those high rental charges?

According to a December 2020 Zumper report, the top five most expensive rental groceries in the U.S. are San Francisco, New York City, Boston, San Jose, and Oakland. But if you’re ready to buy a dwelling during the course of its pandemic, there are nearby cheaper business to consider.

If You Rent in San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland, CA

Alternative home-buying sell: San Diego, Sacramento

Average tariff: San Francisco, $2,700, San Jose, $2,090; Oakland; $2,000 Average home value( as of writing ): San Diego ($ 675,496) and Sacramento ($ 370,271) Estimated mortgage payment with 20% down: San Diego ($ 2,255) and Sacramento ($ 1,236)

Big California metropolis are the quintessential meccas for tech employees, and that’s often accurately who’s booking it out of these high-priced fields right now. Gay Cororaton, Director of Housing and Commercial Research for the National Association of Realtors( NAR ), offers two suggestions for San Francisco and other similar municipals in California.

San Diego

First, is the San Diego-metro domain, which has a lot to offer people who are used to big-city living but don’t demand the big-city premiums. An computed bonus: your peculiars of staying exerted as a tech craftsman might be even higher in this city.

“Professional tech business responsibilities even out 18% of the total payroll employment, which is actually a higher fraction than San Jose( 15.5%) and San Francisco( 9.3% ), ” says Cororaton.


If you’re willing to go inland, you can find even cheaper prices more in Sacramento. “Tech hassles have been growing, and account for 7% of the labour force, ” says Cororaton. “Still not as techie as San Jose, San Francisco, or San Diego, but tech errands are moving there where residence is more affordable. It’s too exactly two hours away from Lake Tahoe.”

If You Rent in New York, NY

Alternative home-buying marketplace: New Rochelle, Yonkers, Nassau, Newark, Jersey City

Average lease: $2,470 Average home value( as of writing this report ): New Rochelle ($ 652,995 ), Yonkers ($ 549,387 ), Nassau ($ 585,741 ), Newark ($ 320,303 ), or Jersey City ($ 541,271) Estimated mortgage payment with 20% down: New Rochelle ($ 2,180 ), Yonkers ($ 1,834 ), Nassau ($ 1,955 ), Newark ($ 1,069 ), or Jersey City ($ 1,807)

Living in New York City, it might seem like you don’t have any good alternatives. But the good news is you do — lots of them, in fact. They still might be more expensive than the average home price across the U.S ., but these alternative business are still a lot more affordable than within, say, Manhattan.

New Rochelle and Yonkers

Both New Rochelle and Yonkers are about an hour’s drive from the heart of New York City, says Corcoran. If you ride by learn, it’s a half hour. Both New Rochelle and Yonkers have been stepping up their petition in recent years to captivate millennials who can’t afford city-living anymore( or don’t want to be “house poor” ), so you’ll be in good firm.


“NAR graded Nassau as one of the top targets to work from home in the state of New York because it have now been a large population of workers in professional and business services and has good broadband access, ” says Cororaton. If you have ideas about moving to Nassau you’ll need to move quickly. Home sales are up by 60% this year comparison with pre-pandemic ages.

Newark or Jersey City

If you don’t mind moving to a different government( even if it is a neighbor ), you can find even lower real estate premiums in New Jersey. This might be a good alternative if you only need to ride back into the city on occasion because while the PATH train is well-developed, it’s a bit longer of a go, especially if “were living” further out in New Jersey.

If You Rent in Boston, MA

Alternative home-buying sell: Quincy, Framingham, Worcester

Average lease: $2,150 Average home value( as of writing this report ): Quincy ($ 517,135 ), Framingham ($ 460,584 ), or Worcester ($ 284,936) Estimated mortgage payment with 20% down: Quincy ($ 1,726 ), Framingham ($ 1,538 ), or Worcester ($ 951)

Boston is another elite coastal market, but unlike New York, there’s still plenty of room if you pate south or even inland. In special, Quincy and Framingam still offer plenty of slews for brand-new buyers.


If you like your suburbs a little more on the urban back, consider Quincy. Although it’s technically outside of the city, it’s likewise not so isolated that you’ll feel like you’re missing out on the best parts of Boston-living. You’ll be in good corporation very, as there are a number of other folks living here who want to avoid the high real estate properties premiums within Boston itself.


Framingham is undergoing an active resuscitation right now in an effort to attract more beings to its community. As such, you’ll be welcome in this town that’s simply a 30 -minute drive from Boston.


“Now, if you can work from residence, consider Worcester, ” says Cororaton. “It’s an hour away from Boston which is not too bad if you only have to go to the Boston office, say, twice a week.” Worcester( declared “wuh-ster”) is also a great place for a midday break-dance if you work from residence, with over 60 metropolitan parks to choose from for a stroll.

Renting Market( s) Median Rent for 1-Bedroom ApartmentHousing Market Alternatives& Avg. Monthly Mortgage* San Francisco, CASan Jose, CAOakland, CA $2,700 San Diego ($ 2,255) Sacramento ($ 1,236) New York, NY $2,470 New Rochelle ($ 2,180) Yonkers ($ 1,834) Nassau ($ 1,955) Newark ($ 1,069) Jersey City ($ 1,807) Boston, MA $2,150 Quincy ($ 1,726) Framingham ($ 1,538) Worcester ($ 951)

* Average dwelling mortgage estimates based on a 20% down payment.

Should You Buy a House During a Pandemic?

There’s no right or wrong answer here, but it’s a good theory to consider your long-term housing needs versus just what’ll get you through the next few months.

For example, just about everyone would experience some more room in their homes to stretch right now. But if you’re the type of person who opts a light on the town, you might be bleak in a rural area by the time things get back to regular. But if you’ve always dreamed of a big vegetable plot or yard for the family dog , now “couldve been” the right time to launch those plans.

Another factor to consider is job security. And remember that even if you’re permanently working from home today — and not everyone has this ability — living further from the city could limit future developments opportunities if a errand requires you to be on-site in the city.

Finally, consider this: most dwellings in outlying areas weren’t built with the pandemic in spirit. For example, “ … open floor plan were favourite, pre-pandemic, ” says Cororaton. “If the dwelling for sale has an open floor plan, you’d have to imagine how to reconfigure the space and do some remodeling to create that work or academy area.”

Here are some other things to look for 😛 TAGEND

Outdoor spaceArea for homeschoolingBroadband internet accessProximity to transport routesOffice for use from dwelling

Is It More Affordable to Buy or Rent?

There aren’t any hard-and-fast regulates when it comes to whether it’s cheaper to rent or buy. Each of these options has associated payments. To lease, you’ll need to pay for your base payment, pet fees and payment, parking tolerates, accumulations, renters guarantee, and more. To buy, you’ll have an even bigger list, including quality taxes, maintenance and refurbishes, HOA costs, homeowners policy, closing costs, higher utility monies, and on.

Each of these factors has its full potential to tip-off the balance in favor of buying or hiring. That’s why it becomes smell to use a buy vs. hire calculator that can track all of these moving targets and estimate which one is better based on your financial positions and the choices available to you.

In general, though, most experts advise impeding your building costs to below 30 percentage of your take-home pay when setting up your budget. The lower, the better — then, you’ll have even more money left over to save for retirement, your kid’s college education, and even to pay your mortgage off early.

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