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Optima Tax Relief Review: Transparency and Clarity Take Priority

Key Takeaways :- Clear timeline for the tax relief process .- Fully remote appointments accessible .- Offers a suite of services including levy preparation and consultation.- Client bill of rights names clear expectations.Learn More

For the many Americans who owe a taxation indebtednes to the federal or commonwealth authority, even just thinking about filing a return or sorting out how to pay their taxes can take an feelings fee. IRS multitudes is demonstrating that in 2019 there is indeed $121 billion in unpaid assessments which includes unpaid taxes and accrued retributions and interest.

Knowing how much duty you owe — and how to pay that obligation — can be overwhelming, which is why numerous beings turn to tax relief business when trying to get out of tax debt.

Since there are so many tax relief works in operation, it’s important to carefully review candidates before moving forward with any fellowship. If you’ve been considering Optima Tax Relief, here’s what you need to know.

About Optima Tax Relief

Like many of its entrants, Optima Tax Relief offers levy negotiation and colonization services in addition to tax preparation. They’re experienced in IRS audit defense and committed to a smooth, honest patient experience. Optima Tax Relief takes its free consultation a step further than adversaries by involving levy professionals and chartered accountants who create a clear, transparent intention so you know what to expect upfront.

Optima Tax Relief Business

Optima Tax Relief can be used to negotiate or resolve a tax debt, and furnish other services to explore.

Tax Consultation

Optima Tax Relief volunteers a free levy consultation to people who are experiencing difficulties with their tariff place. For instance, if you’re potentially facing income garnishment from the IRS. The destination of tax consultation is to provide you with a road map forward to solve your taxation questions. Optima describes on its team of attorneys, recruited agents and chartered accountants to review your strategy.

During your consultation you’ll discuss topics such as removing tax liens, aiming income garnishment, duty projecting, establishing an installment plan or even help with tax preparation. You can use the information from your discussion to move forward with resolving your duty concerns on your own, with a different busines, or with Optima Tax Relief.

To get started, you can call Optima Tax Relief at 800 -5 36 -0 734 or you can fill out their online form. You’ll need to answer questions such as how much imposition debt you’re in, how you give your income, how many years of unfiled taxes you have, and what regime “youre living in”.

Tax Protection Plan

Optima’s tax protection plan is a multi-tiered service that integrates IRS protection with imposition cooking and identity fraud monitoring.

All tiers of the service offer what Optima calls “IRS protection”. What it includes as part of this service is monitoring IRS accumulations and balances, and performing a tax deduct analysis. If you need help with a duty settlement, you’ll likewise were eligible for lower fees if you’re a reader to its protection plan.

The tax preparation component is where the basic, standard and professional projects separate themselves. In the Basic Plan ($ 29.99 a month ), you’ll have to prepare your taxes on your own, but you’ll have access to Optima’s software. You can use the software for one return annually. For additional returns, you’ll have to pay another fee. Note, if you’re simply planning to use the product for their tariff software, be sure to compare it against top tax software competitors first.

With the Standard Plan ($ 49.99 a month ), Optima will enter your taxes if you’re a wage earner. It also offers a $2,000 lotion guarantee. If you’re an independent contractor, you’ll need to get the Professional Plan, at $69.99 a month. In this tier, Optima will likewise help you define your calculated quarterly payment sums.

Each tier likewise comes with a tier of ongoing ID theft protection, with the Standard and Professional programmes offering ascribe monitoring.

Tax Resolution

Tax resolution is where Optima’s expertise rightfully rests. They’re equipped to help with many charge resolution scenarios. Here are just a few of the areas they are equipped to help purchasers in 😛 TAGEND

Audit representationLevy releaseInnocent spouse reliefOffer in compromiseTax lien removalState tax matters

To get started with Optima Tax Relief, you’ll complete your initial consultation. Then, you’ll enter phase one, the “Investigation Stage” which lasts about two to four weeks. During this gradation, they’ll make contact with the IRS and examine your options. After that, you’ll enter the “Resolution Stage” which takes about three to nine months. After the resolution, you’ll have established IRS compliance.

Once you’re a consumer with Optima, you’ll have access to an online purchaser portal so all of the succeed you’re doing with your representative remains planned.

Get Started With Optima

Unique Features

There are many tax relief works on the market today — here’s what induces Optima Tax Relief stand out.

Highly translucent: Optima Tax Relief is upfront about each stage of the tax relief process, the drive they’ll do on your behalf, and how long “theyre expecting” this to take. A+ Better Business Bureau rating: Optima Tax Relief has only one A+ rating with the BBB and they have been accredited since 2012. Protection plan: Not all tariff succour assistances give ongoing IRS protection and identity theft safety or approval monitoring. Client bill of rights: Optima Tax Relief has established its own consumer money of rights that includes claims such as clear promises, straight talk and inventive, smooth client suffer.

When to Use Optima Tax Relief

Even though you can technically pursue duty aid by yourself, the tax code can be complicated to understand. It’s easy to form mistakes when it is necessary to your taxes and it can be hard to fix questions that occur. That’s where imposition easing fellowships come in, and some are more genuine than others.

Tax relief corporations know you’re probably hopeless when you’re coming to them for help, and sometimes they can take advantage of that. What’s positive about Optima Tax Relief is their clarity.

Its two-phase process presents a clear strategy for patrons: first, they’ll help stop any urgent issues with your taxes, and next, they’ll fix your problems long term.

Optima Tax Relief is positioned to help clients anywhere in the country. It works with consumers in a range of situations — even if you don’t have levy topics. But the single greatest expertise is in helping people resolve IRS or district imposition pay.

If you’re devastated or amazed by your taxes, Optima Tax Relief’s two-phase process could volunteer required purity.

Optima Tax Relief vs. Other Tax Relief Entrants

The tax relief industry has a lot of competitors. Here’s how to compare some of the most popular corporations.

CompanyBBB ratingFree consultation? ServicesOptima Tax ReliefA+ YesTax settlement, imposition planning, taxation settlement, care planAnthem Tax BusinessB+ NoTax cooking, imposition solving, bookkeepingLarson Tax ReliefA+ YesEmergency and long-term tax relief

What You Should Know About Tax Relief Services

A lot of parties use charge aid services to resolve their lingering tax issues and leave positive recalls, but this isn’t the subject for everyone. Sometimes, levy comfort can cause added headaches.

This is because there are a lot of bad participates in the tax relief world. So numerous beings are deluded by tax scams that the IRS repeatedly informs its website with brand-new defrauds as they pass. These can straddle from “ghost” tax preparers to fraudulent emails claiming to represent the IRS or a popular tax software preparation company. These victimizes are favourite year-round, but particularly at tax time. In 2016, for example, the IRS attended a 400% increase in phishing plans at taxation period.

Keep in subconsciou that if your statu is simple enough, you might be able to resolve it on your own. The IRS has numerous online tools, such as their Offer in Compromise Pre-Qualifier, that you can use to get started. Resolving your tax obligation yourself trying to save you fund. If you don’t feel comfortable trying on your own, the report contains several free government-sponsored and nonprofit tariff reserves that you can access.

The Bottom Line

If you’re going to use a tax easing firm to help you with your tax editions, Optima Tax Relief offers a clear, transparent approach and their purchaser bill of rights makes the client experience front and midst.

However, be sure to shop around before moving forward with any excise comfort work. It’s smart to get a free consultation when offered. Then, compare each project you’re presented with and go with the company that not only works best for national budgets but who you feel is best aligned with your working style.

Not sure where to start? Compare the top firms online before progressing well with extensive consultations.

Learn More About Optima

Optima Tax Relief FAQs

How expensive is Optima Tax Relief? read more

The initial consultation is free, after that Optima charges a reward based on your situation.

Does Optima Tax Relief assist with mood taxes? read more

Yes, Optima Tax Relief assistances with country taxes in addition to federal taxes.

Is Optima Tax Relief legitimate? read more

Optima Tax Relief has only one A+ rating with the BBB.

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