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Fractional Shares: What They Are and How to Buy Them

Some of today’s hottest capitals come at a immerse rate that can make it difficult to get started in investing. If you want to buy stock in Google, Facebook, or Tesla, for example, you’ll have to pony up several hundred dollars really to buy a single share.

To be clear, you can often open an investing chronicle with a major brokerage firm with $0. The trouble is, how do you actually invest your initial nest egg when the stocks you want to buy are beyond your reaching?

The answer for many beginning investors is “fractional shares”.

What Are Fractional Shares?

Fractional shares are a type of investment that let you invest with a small amount of money. With fractional shares, you can buy a “piece” or a “slice” of a broth instead of a full share.

Fractional shares can come about after a stock split, from dividend reinvestment programs( DRIPs ), or from other actions that the enterprises take. Nonetheless, some of the top online brokerage firms likewise buy full shares or fractional shares and sell a percentage to their clients. This tells investors buy into inventories that are primary for raise but they cannot afford otherwise.

According to Robinhood, a free investing pulpit that sells fractional shares, investors can expect to purchase fractional shares that are as tiny as 1/1, 000,000 of a share. Fractional shares from Robinhood can be purchased for as little as$ 1 as a result.

Acorns is another investing platform that lets you improved money through what they call “micro-investing, ” which is just another epithet for fractional shares. With Acorns, you join your recognition and debit card to your note, and Acorns rounds up your acquires and provides aside your give change. “Once youve”$ 5 in your history, the money goes invested in a portfolio of your opt, which normally includes fractional shares.

Like other types of investments, you can buy or sell fractional shares over era. This means you can continue adding to your arsenal of fractional shares to build long-term wealth, or sell fractional shares to lock in gains.

Benefits of Fractional Shares

Why would you want to buy a portion of a asset in the form of a fractional share? Now are some of the prime advantages.

1. Invest in Popular Stocks with Little Money Upfront

The main advantage of fractional shares comes from the fact that you can “buy-in” to more costly broths without coming up with the total amount for one full share. For sample, Amazon stock( AMZN) is transactions at $3,118.06 as of this writing, but fractional shares can let you invest in Amazon for a few cases bucks with the liberty scaffold.

2. Diversify Your Portfolio with Ease

Fractional shares too make it considerably easier to diversify. After all, you can take an initial asset quantity of $100 and spread it across numerou capitals or ETFs using fractional shares. Without this alternative, diversifying small amounts of money across numerou assets becomes greatly harder.

Should You Invest All Your Money in Stocks ?

3. Invest What You Have

Fractional shares let you invest with whatever amount you have. If you have $ 500 or $1,000 in money to get started, for example, fractional shares gives you vest the entire extent and diversify in the process. Without fractional shares, you would be stuck figuring out which exact broths to buy that would be close to your initial speculation sum.

Disadvantages of Fractional Shares

Although investing in fractional shares might seem like a no-brainer, there are plenty of issues you might run into along the way. Consider these downsides before integrating fractional shares into your investment plan.

1. Rewards Can Add Up Quickly

One possible downside of fractional shares is the fact that you could potentially rack up a lot in costs. This is particularly true if your brokerage firm accuses commissions and you wind up making a lot of sells. Before investing in fractional shares, came looking for a brokerage chronicle with low or negligible trading costs. In periods of which brokerage firms stand out, Robinhood and Public are good options for commission-free stock trading.

2. Not As Widely Available

Not all brokerage firms offer fractional shares. For speciman, you can’t open a brokerage chronicle with Vanguard and buy fractional shares immediately from its scaffold. If you want to invest small amounts of coin and buy portions of stock at a time, you’ll have to choose among brokerage firms that furnish fractional shares as an investment.

When It Make Sense to Invest in Fractional Shares

Investing in fractional shares realise gumption if you’re a beginning investor who only has a small amount of money to is starting. You can open an investment account and begin buying fractional shares for as little as a few dollars. When you can afford to, you can always graduate to buying full shares of your favorite broths later on.

Make sure to investigate brokerage firms that allow fractional shares, keeping in mind factors like investment options, vesting implements, and costs.

Where to Invest in Fractional Shares

Plenty of brokerage firms let you invest in fractional shares, although each one efforts a bit differently. Before investing into fractional shares, compare all of the best scaffolds that present this option.


Robinhood can be a solid choice for fractional share investing since they offer commission-free trading. You can invest in fractional shares of thousands of stocks for as little as$ 1, and you can use the app to make real-time swaps. Robinhood is also free of minimum account balance requirements, so you can begin investing without having to build up a large amount of cash.


Acorns is a little different because it helps you invest by rounding up your purchases and setting aside small amounts of change on your behalf. Once you begin building savings with Acorns, it helps you invest applying small-minded sums of fund. There’s no minimum accounting offset required to open an Acorns account, though to invest your round-ups need to reach a$ 5 minimum. Investing plans for individuals payments$ 1 or$ 3 per month.


Public also offers commission-free trading, fractional share investing starting at$ 5, and a supportive mobile app. This scaffold also has a social media aspect that allows you learn to invest and learn alongside others with same interests as you. There are no minimum account requirements to get started, either.


Stockpile is another stage that utters it easy to buy fractional shares, although this brokerage is geared to people who want to give stock as knacks. According to Stockpile, you can choose from thousands of stocks and invest with as little as $5. You can also receive your investment in the form of a gift card, which you can give out for the holidays, birthdays, or any other special motive.

The Bottom Line

Buying fractional shares makes a ton of sense if “youve had” little money upfront to invest, or even if you just want to diversify. After all, having hundreds or tens of thousands of slice of individual broths can leave you considerably more diversified than owning time a few whole shares.

If you’re hoping to invest soon and want to get started right away, batch of online brokerage firms offer fractional share investing with no commissions and no( or minimal) rewards. Make sure to compare all the best investing apps and pulpits before you decide.

Fractional Shares FAQs

Still want to learn more about fractional shares? These frequently asked questions and explanations can help.

Can I purchase ETFs or gain inventories as fractional shares? read more

You can buy fractional shares of ETFs or gain assets, but your alternatives could be limited based on the brokerage firm you open an detail with. Keep in judgment that, if you buy a fractional share of a dividend inventory, your gains paid in full is equivalent to the fractional extent you own.

How much do I need to invest in fractional shares? read more

Some scaffolds let you invest in fractional shares for as little as$ 1 or $5. Make sure to liken alternatives if you’re getting started with a small amount of currency. Also, check among brokerage firms for minimum account offset requirements that can force you to save up a placed amount of money before you can open an account.

What’s the best place to buy fractional shares? read more

Plenty of brokerage firms offer fractional shares, but the correct one for you depends on what you hope to accomplish, where you want to invest, and your preferred investing experience. Ideally, you’ll find a brokerage firm that allows you get started by investing with the amount you have, with no account costs or commissions.

Are fractional shares worth noting? read more

Fractional shares are just as worthwhile as investing into full shares of stock. You’re just getting started with a lower extent, which you can build on and grow over time. For beginning investors, fractional shares can represent the difference between getting started on a path to prosperity or waiting potentially times before you can afford full shares.

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