When Ross pulled this move, it was curtains for 2Chainz. #Verzuz pic.twitter.com/662rUVZHWA

–; Pootie Tang (@Mdudemeister_) August 7, 2020

Luxurious Rap titans Rick Ross and 2 Chainz convened for the latest star-powered Verzuz experience that blessed over 200,000 fans, brands, celebrities, industry insiders and star athletes with a shenanigan-filled showcase of essential twerkers, club-shaking classics, Ciroc-fueled dance moves and a magnificent masseuse on yet another unforgettale night for the culture.

If you were there, you vibed with two of the most illustrious skripper-loving rappers of their era who went hit-for-hit while sprinkling gems about the origins of some their biggest smashes.

After nearly 5 months, Verzuz continues to attract a worldwide audience that ranges from Gen-Z-ers to Boomers who come for the classics and stay for the shenanigans that get more memeable by the week.

In a new twist, both veteran rappers premiered new music with 2 Chainz debuting “;Money Maker”; featuring Lil Wayne and Ross sharing his latest track “;Pin Me to the Cross” on yet another unforgettable night in Verzuzville.

my plate of food rotating in the microwave #Verzuz pic.twitter.com/s8Ln6SBDgk

–; bussy boy (@ThatDamnDillon) August 7, 2020

Check out the official Verzuz: Rick Ross and 2 Chainz Cheat Sheet playlist on Apple Music here then head on over to the hilarious reactions on the flip.

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