Congratulations –; a new subscriber joined your list! Now it”;s time to start sending them valuable free content and begin building trusting relationships over email –; right?

Yes, but here”;s the truth: your subscribers will never be more engaged with you than in the minutes after they sign up for your list.


Because that”;s the moment they”;ve decided to welcome you into their inbox. They have decided that you”;re someone worth hearing from, and they”;re eager to see what you have to offer them.

That”;s why a strong “;thank you”; page could make a big impact on your bottom line. Capitalize on subscribers”; newfound interest and eagerness to engage with you by using your “;thank you”; page as an opportunity to sell.

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AWeber”;s CEO Tom Kulzer recently joined The Thoughtful Entrepreneur podcast to talk about how “;thank you”; pages are often a hidden opportunity for conversions.

“;The “;thank you”; page is a dead end on many businesses”; sites. However, when it”;s used correctly to offer an upsell, it can be one of the highest converting pages on your site,”; Kulzer said.

That”;s because new subscribers display three characteristics that mean they”;re ready to buy from you: 

They know and understand who you are.
They understand the problem that you”;re solving for them.
They”;ve already given you their email address. 

“;Offering something additional that you can sell to them can generate a tremendous amount of new revenue. If you”;re not using this page, it”;s a huge missed opportunity.”;

Hear more of Kulzer”;s takeaways on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur podcast.

Want to create a custom “;thank you”; page in AWeber using the Landing Page Builder? 

We guide you step-by-step in this video.

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