Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say to friends and family while searching for a new job. But here are some examples to help you do it better.

What To Say To Friends and Family While Job Searching

Almost everyone you know has found themselves without a job. There’s no need to feel embarrassed. One thing that will make you feel better is knowing what to say about your job search when talking with friends and family.

You Need Your Friends and Family Most Right Now

When my husband was out of work for over a year, he and I both went into seclusion. He was depressed. I was feeling blue too. We stopped hanging out with friends. We never went out. Initially, we used the excuse that we didn’t have the money. Neither one of us could help each other.

All too often, job search leads to isolation. This is dangerous for so many reasons. Don’t allow it to happen.

The other take-away is that job loss impacts the entire family unit. Children, parents, spouses, partners…everyone who loves you and cares about you is feeling your pain.

Don’t Job Search Alone

Are you hiding at home, hoping no one finds out that you are out of work? Perhaps you are embarrassed. Or, maybe it isn’t you who is hiding but an unemployed friend or family member.

What can you do when you start feeling alone?

Understand you are not alone. Know that the only way out of this deep dark hole is to reach out to others. Provide your friends and family with the opportunity to be helpful. You know they want to help.

Here are some ideas on how to reach out:

Share with everyone you know the specific type of job you are looking for and more importantly the names of companies you would like to work for.Celebrate birthdays and holidays with othersHost a pot luck dinner at your place. Ask everyone to BYOB and a dish to passInvite a past co-worker or job seeking friend to attend a networking event with youVolunteer with a professional association related to your line of workHelp out in the community any way that feels rightReach out to past colleagues on LinkedIn or via phone or email and reconnect

Remember, when thinking about what to say to friends and family about your job search, you want them to know specifically what type of work you are looking for. And always use positive, forward-thinking communication.

Phrases to Avoid

I am looking for a management job, but I just need to work 5 more years.I’ve been looking for a job for over a year. The market stinks. If you hear of anything let me know.My search hasn’t been going so well, so I am willing to do anything.I have a background in accounting. I haven’t used it in a long time, but I think there is stability in this so I want to go back.

Positive Wording

I love being a manager and would love an opportunity to help a company grow and develop systems and their people.While I have been looking for a job, I’ve also been volunteering with a local charity to help raise money. I would love to use these skills in a non-profit that could use a good fundraiser.I’ve evaluated my strengths and want to stay true to what I love doing. I really am passionate about solving problems on the manufacturing line. This is where I want to be. If you know anyone who works for ABC, XYZ or PDQ, please, let me know.Throughout my career I have been drawn to numbers. Specifically, accounting functions. I know I can help a company better manage their accounting functions.

Hopefully, the before and after examples help connect the dots so you know what to say to friends and family and leave them with a positive impression of you and leave them with the information they can take action on.

How To Tell Them What You Do

Your pitch or as I like to call it a micro-pitch should be spoken in such a way that ANYONE can understand it.

Here is more help that explains How To Begin Talking to People About My Job Search.

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