Vac-Tec Compact Chamber Vacuum Packer Ideal For Small Business or Home Chef Use – Sous Vide Cooking

New : Vac-Tec Light Duty Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine -300mm Wide Seal This latest model Vac Tec Pro Countertop Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine is an ideal unit for all small catering kitchens, restaurants, butchers, deli’s and gastropubs etc. Its lightweight and great for smaller use sous vide cooking. It can also be used at home due to its compact size and ingenious design. The space saving design ensures you do not use more space than you have to on your worksurface, especially with a fold back lid that minimises head height enabling it to be used with ease underneath wall cupboards and shelves. Great for meat, cheese, bakery, fruit, vegetables and liquid. Designed to extend the life of cooked or raw food. These machines are ideal for use in conjunction with sous vide cooking. Additionally, this compact vacuum packer can be used to package non food goods for resale in a small business / home hobby environment. The interior chamber has a smooth stainless steel finish with no awkward sharp corners, thus ensuring a perfect seal and perfect hygiene. This great unit will delight you with its compact size yet large capacity, functionality and ease of use, and most of all the price ! With a large 7ltr capcity chamber and 300mm wide seal (12″) this great value compact unit will give you great functionality and service and can be easily transported due to its lightweight, compact, yet very durable design. This model is fitted with an easy to use LCD digital control panel and a dry rocker piston pump which is cleaner to use than oil based pump models, making it very quiet. These machines are primarily designed to be used with embossed vacuum bags (honeycomb design) but can also be used with regular bags. Brought to you at an outrageous saving off the list price, this really is a fantastic buy We bring items directly from the manufacturer and cut out the middleman so you save ££s. No compromising on quality, just bringing you ggod old fashioned value for money.

Product Features

  • Easy to clean robust stainless steel interior
  • Simple soft touch push controls
  • LCD digital display
  • 300mm (12 inch) wide sealing bar
  • 7ltr chamber, max bag size 30cm x 33cm

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