Plenty of misinformation and an enormous chance for health bloggers. One time something knocks a mainstream for people to go to search for it online. An intelligent blogger has their blog post up and ranked on the first page before this occurs, so just to be prepared. So, here is the chance to begin with a CBD affiliate and get into this exceptionally quick-rising niche that is ultimately very much on the list.

But bringing the blog up is just the first part of the equation. You require a way to monetize it and affiliate marketing is a tremendous route to do almost that. For that, you are going to require a few delightful huge affiliate partners. And there is no scarcity of these collaborators for the CBD niche.

There’s no doubt that CBD is the buzzy health product of the period. If you stay in a state where it’s nowadays legitimate, you might understand like, how much CBD has taken off from being sort of around to entirely everywhere all at one time. As nowadays everyone is selling the CBD Product, as they have understood the value of their product.

Apparently, most of the seller has jumped into this likewise coffee shops vend CBD lattes, spas provide CBD facials, beauty firms are urging to publish lotions with CBD or hemp oils in their processes. And everyone from your nervous coworker to your arthritis sorrow dad likes to get their pointers on some CBD gummies.

Ok, First thing First, What is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, it is a chemical combination from the Cannabis Sativa plant, which is also recognized as marijuana or hemp, according to the US National Library of Medicine. The compound is being examined broadly for its suffering aid help as well as its effect on precise neurological illnesses.

Lately, the generation and usage of CBD drugs have been legalized in multiple US states. Accordingly, the need for CBD commodities has flown. Customers are purchasing CBD oils, vapes, and also CBD gummies. The vast inflow of CBD commodities has generated a chance for influencers to facilitate several products and generate revenue from this cannabis blitz. A primary stream of earnings for such influencers is the many affiliate programs.

The CBD affiliate programs compensate huge commissions and possess a lucrative cookie duration. It is the perfect option for the Health bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers with great quality content and fixed traffic can create a generous income through particularly programs.

So here we have listed 15 best CBD affiliate programs for you to assess for your blog. Find out that truly reverberate with your user and encourage them. Create your user and become an authority in all kinds of stuff of CBD. So without any further delay, let”;s get started.

Best CBD Affiliate Programs For Health Bloggers
1. CBDMD Affiliate


CBDMD is one of the very popular names in the broad spectrum CBD industry. The company hosts the cbdMD affiliate program, which gives affiliates the chance to vend a large extent of CBD products. Many professionals and athletes have approved them. Influencers learn it simple to promote this firm as the name is already popular among costumers.

cbdMD”;s CBD products are consumed by many overseeing sportspeople involving volleyball winners, MMA champions, athletes, golfers, surfers, Cricketer, skateboarders, bodybuilders, motocross winners, and many more. cbdMD adopts the prestige of being the first company in the CBD portion to go public on the NYSE. The firm is similarly known for its basketball league support and its cooperation with exceptional names in the sport.

The firm is extremely straightforward and furnishes clear data regarding the configuration and testing of its commodities to assure that their consumers know what they are purchasing. CBDMD provides us with a vast extent of product, containing oils, pills, and pet commodities. The price is satisfactory, building it a go-to name for customers.

Their affiliate program compensates for a commission beginning from 20% and thriving with time. Although, the site cookies last up to 30 days. However, CBD Education and guidance to sell products quickly. The outstanding name value, along with the favorable commissions, creates this a wonderful option for health bloggers.

2. Hemp My Pet Affiliate


Hemp My Pet provides its products for free to 50 states right from its Colorado farms. The company is one of the largest makers of organic CBD pet commodities, besides this, they use the modern vapor distillation to conserve a chemical-free hemp oil.

Hemp Pet is the producers of small-batch hemp products for pets made with organic full-spectrum terpene robust Full Spectrum hemp oil. Hemp products assist pet possessors and veterinarians in pleasure animals holistically without brutal pharmaceutics. Hemp has supported numerous pets like cats dogs and other animals with various diseases like pain, joint problems, and many other health issues.

Hemp Product is composed under the guidance of veterinarians, and are mostly grain-free, and even without gluten, compounds, pesticides, soy, aromas, dyes, or supplements. Hemp offers a large choice of commodities like hemp plant oil, hemp dog treats, equine olive oil, and coconut oil.

Hemp is the proud unit of the National Animal Supplement Council, an enterprise helping tirelessly to intensify regulate the pet health market, and also they are a full exposure firm, with Certificates of Analysis accessible online. The affiliate program spends a commission of 30% on every deal and compensates the marketers every month. The cookie period is huge until 90 days, which is a huge compensation for influencers.

3. Joy Organics Affiliate Program


Joy Organics is another mart with a vast extent of commodities. They vend tinctures, gummies, faded gels salve, and pet commodities, and many other varieties of CBD commodities that you can endorse on your website. They also possess a lesser option of CBD pet commodities that you can endorse on either a CBD website or rightfully on a pet website if you carry one of those. The commodities are of decent aspect and are quite cheaper in price.

Overall I believe the commodities that Joy Organics is granting are incredible. They”;re extraordinary, they”;re absorbing and they possess the extremely high-quality product. For an affiliate marketer, this is an excellent situation and when you show the top of it that this commodity can be quiet expensive, although you get can the whole package that you really need as an online entrepreneur.

Their affiliate proposal settles with a 25% commission on every sale. The cookie duration is 60 days. The firm also shows ads on the websites of users who see through the influencer”;s link.

The firm evaluates each affiliate request manually. It enables its affiliates to supply their commodities with family and collaborators. The commission payment is executed twice a month.

4. Nutra Hemp


Nutra is made from hemp risen under a license from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, under the rigorous protocols of the USDA, Nutra proposes undeniably high-value commodities at reasonable rates. Because of this, they have grown as prominent amongst customers and have composed the opening for CBD affiliates to reap tremendous commissions while benefiting totally premium commodities

Nutra Hemp offers CBD commodities like tinctures, wreaths, and lotions at a very reasonable price. They have an extremely adorable affiliate program, which has existed running since 2014. The commodities are exported for free within the United States.

Nutra firms believe in delivering commodities that are not only endurable but are cost-effective as well. Interestingly, they propose their products through an apothecary. According to supreme business norms, Nutra Hemp does happen to be accomplishing most stuff right, which is enormous if you”;re staring to maintain your spot in a very robust business.

The firm proposes a commission of up to 40% on every sale. Also, they claim to be indefinitely stocking the visitors”; IP addresses and cookies appearing through the marketers. A purchase brought about even six months after the primary visit through an influencers link will measure as a capable sale for the commission. This is a suitable aspect for influencers.

5. CBDistillery Affiliate Program


CBDistillery was begun in Denver, Colorado, by a community of Colorado locals who had a serious conception about delivering the best CBD commodities at a fair rate to everyone. CBDistillery fulfills the decent excellence standards up to date. Their commodities are prepared from Non-GMO, organically thrived industrial hemp. The hemp seeds have thrived without any pesticides, herbicides, or any toxic chemicals in the outside areas utilizing real sunlight.

The firm is widening its commodity choice with continual creations, making obvious that its commodities are of decent quality on the market. They appeal commodities with a full range of hemp oil, as well as with CBD insulate the oil. The variation of commodities they have encompasses CBD Oil, CBD hermits, CBD gummies, CBD pills, CBD topicals, CBD vape cartridges, THC-free CBD. They even CBD commodities specially constructed for your pet.

The firm proposes a commission of up to 10% on every sale as their brand proposing is of extremely high-quality commodities. They place an order above $75 for free, and the commodities are delivered within 48 hours. The commodities are a little on the costlier side.

The CBDistillery affiliate program is accomplished through Rev bids to assure huge incomes for the publishers.

6. PureSpectrum


PureSpectrum believes that the endocannabinoid system within our torsi can benefit us by fulfilling an inner proportion, which would in turn to improve curing and optimal fitness. The endocannabinoid system is accountable for governing many crucial bodily tasks, and Pure Spectrum highlights their phytocannabinoid wealthy excerpts as a probable mechanism for improving synergy between the psyche and body to emphasize overall wellness advantages.

PureSpectrum gives hemp oil as well as commodities for pets. The firm recently discontinued its vape commodities over trouble from CDC. The firm mainly markets its commodities toward athletes, and most of the premium ambassadors are sportspeople.

This brand is serious for developing high-quality CBD gummies and oil commodities, that are fastened to the rigorous quality management standards. Their motive is to enhance the lives of others by empowering them with stable and useful phytocannabinoid commodities

The firm infers to its marketers as envoys. The commission varies between 10%-;25% for regular affiliates. Premium ambassadors can earn even higher premiums. The pay-out is brought in 30 calendar days of the deal.

The commission can moreover go up during particular promotional occasions and will automatically reclaim to natural after the event”;s fulfillment. Athletes from differing levels of obligation to their sports will find specialized commodities fitted to their wants.

7. Charlotte”;s Web Affiliate Program


Charlotte”;s Web is skillfully one of the world”;s most famous CBD oils on this chart. The unusual cannabis strain created by the Stanley brothers for Charlotte increased worldwide distinction for its offering toward the marijuana factor. This firm”;s status for high quality, consistent cannabis commodities is off the maps. Charlotte”;s Web is broadening and their sales are flourishing.

Charlotte”;s Web is recognized for its comprehensive testing strategies and phytocannabinoid-rich CBD oil loaded with an outstanding phytochemical contour and believed by thousands who rely on cannabidiol for their temperament regimens.

Health bloggers have put up with special attention in Charlotte”;s Web, extremely for its advantages for distinct neurological illnesses. The firm proposes affiliate programs through Pepperjam Affiliate Network, RevOffers Affiliate Network, and Skimlinks.

Influencers can earn up to a 15% commission on selling, and the cookie period is 30 days. The website is similarly well assembled to maximize sales. The good importance and high-quality commodities bring this an extremely successful affiliate revenue source for health bloggers.

8. Diamond CBD


Diamond CBD is an online multi-brand mart for several CBD commodities. The brand joined the market many years ago when CBD regulation undertakings and security scientific research peaked. Diamond CBD is the name that needs to redefine the market of CBD commodities which provide relief and composure to people who enroll in their service.

Diamond CBD span of commodities from website sectors is inaugurated to compel you to feel comfortable and pleased during and after a buying without getting forfeited. The Board of scientific experts examines and magnified analysis during manufacturing, checking, and packaging g of Diamond CBD span of commodities.

The products involve CBD oils, CBD pills, CBD liquids, CBD lotions, CBD bathing commodities, CBD pet commodities, and many more. Such a broad range of commodities is very useful for customers and very efficient for publishers.

The affiliate program proposes commission up to 20% on each sale. The cookie tracking period is 90 days. The website also emphasizes celebrities ratifying commodities, preparing it simpler to reclaim traffic. The broad choice of commodities makes this a relatively successful program for affiliate marketers.



The Rheo CBD affiliate program is an outstanding option among affiliates. This brand requests a broad span of CBD commodities. All commodities withstand intensive lab testing and are of excellent quality. Rheo intends to be a transparent CBD brand furnishing an alternate healthcare selection for customers who are curious about natural extras. The firm is proud of itself on being transparent about ever of its commodities and the elements that go into every commodity.

RHEO is proposing CBD oil and requests to be THC-free. The website has barely an isolated commodity. The oil boosts with suffering as well as difficulty. It would be easier for you to bringing value to your customers by enlisting them to a site providing outstanding products and a polished user experience that is optimized for the changeover.

The affiliate program is operated through ShareASale. It is simple to enroll and grow up an affiliate for this firm, and the request is evaluated within 24 hours. The mean commission proposed is 25% on all CBD selling and a 5% commission on affiliates inferred to this program.

The cookie duration to 60 days. The firm also serves immediately with publishers to construct distinct feat bonuses to fulfill the EPC targets.

10. CannaTrading Affiliate Program


CannaTrading began with the growth of a vape commodity chain in the year 2015. Shortly thereafter, the firm has found out the necessity for discreet and socially sufficient cannabis commodities. So, the firm began to develop CBD commodities and initiated the Canna Trading affiliate program. The purpose of Canna Trading is to provide the normal, the most inexpensive, and the healthiest CBD commodities. Although, this Canna Trading is occupied by MHE Manufacturing LLC.

Canna Trading commodities are usable across the USA and 45 countries across the world. One-time, wholesale, auto-ship, and bulk buyers’ preferences are proposed to consumers.

Canna trading firm proposes CBD tinctures, CBD vapes, CBD pills, CBD Dabs, and CBD pet commodities. The commodities that are of high value and are reasonable for customers.

The affiliate program proposes a commission of up to 25% to the publishers. The enrolment is easy, and associates get entrance to a category of statistics and plans. These tools authorize the publishers to trace their feat and earn the most from this program.

The cookie period is up to 60 days, and marketers will be capable of commission sure on repetition sales by the consumer during this duration. The company compensates the influencers through PayPal.

11. CBDPure Affiliate


CBDPure is a firm that was established by Nutra Pure LLC. In 2016. Nutra Pure LLC is a natural and wellness firm that has subsisted in undertaking since 2012 and has headquarters in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

CBDPure is another dealer of hemp oil taken out from organically thrived cannabis in Colorado. The company alleges it was created to conduct an easy mission by rendering the highest quality CBD oil available that is supported by third-party laboratory inspections.

However, they have also insisted that they have a devoted crew that helps with regional grange, sellers, and strives to strengthen a connection of faith with their buyers. Furthermore, many firms make these kinds of declarations but relatively very few follow through with them.

The firm proposes up to a 40% commission on all deals and generates compensations monthly. Bloggers with an outstanding online existence and smooth traffic can earn money instantly using this program. The company also proposes many banners to the affiliates to extra facilitate business to their store.

The sign-up procedure is simple and can be finalized within 5 minutes. The form is evaluated within 24 hours, and bloggers can be up and driving. The high-quality commodity and the tremendous change rate makes this a good option for well-organized bloggers.

12. CBDSky Affiliate


At CBD SKY, the hemp for CBD oil has thrived in the USA utilizing just proven organic, traced, certified procedures. Their organic full range hemp appears from natural inborn methods at the generation level where they harvest plants to generate ultra-high CBD efficacy with no appreciable levels of THC.

CBDSky is a prominent option for marketers due to a large span of commodities available at adequate prices. The commodities encompass sprays, oils, pills, skincare, and many more. The firm proposes commissions of up to 30%. The commission rises with the entire selling number. The illegitimate commission is 10%-;20%. Marketers similarly earn a system commission of 10% of all commissions in their systems.

The marketers are organized into three classes I.e. affiliates, influencers, and ambassadors. Affiliates earn 10% commission and maintain no sales limit. Influencers earn a commission of 15% and must maintain a minimum of $1,000 in sales. Also, ambassadors earn a commission of 20% with the least sales 0f $2,000.

CBD SKY proposes a simple and easy way to get compensated from vending their CBD SKY commodities. The program is 100% free to enroll and there are zero unseen costs and no pesky monthly membership payment. The thorough payment schemes incentivize bloggers of all statuses and nudge them to run more sales. This is a performance-based affiliate proposal where bloggers with excess business can effortlessly earn a lot.

13. AbsoluteCBD


Absolute Nature”;s purpose is straightforward, just to deliver only the decent 100% natural, full-range cannabidiol commodities that don”;t expect a medication, are unassisted verified, constantly premium quality, and at a rating point adequate for all. Corresponding to rigorous obedience of their own exacting laws of no preservatives, supplements, colorings, or synthetics in their commodities.

All of their commodities are manufactured from federally licensed hemp plantations utilizing organic thriving methods, non-GMO, pesticide-free, entire plant hemp excerpts. They are significant about manufacturing commodities that not only enrich people”;s lives but include actual potency and provide rightful health advantages.

Absolute CBD is an all-natural CBD commodity store, including CBD oils, lotions, gummies, and many others. They also include pet commodities. Absolute CBD operates an affiliate program where they provide $20 as a sign-up compensation. The commission is 20% on all deals. The cookie duration is 60 days. The store also delivers special coupons to the influencers.

The company concentrates heavily on teaching marketers about commodities. There is also a CBD teaching center with a decent variety of aids on various topics associated with CBD commodities and their usage. This is an outstanding endeavor for assisting new marketers out there.

14. LeefOrganics


LEEF Organics is excited about organic, non-GMO CBD commodities. The firm has a less commodity catalog than several of its opponents, but each item is high-quality. LEEF Organics utilizes cold-pressed fermentation to create its CBD excerpts. This procedure preserves various of the hemp plant”;s raw cannabinoids and terpenes, which evacuates you with a full range ultimate commodity.

LeefOrganics has wellness commodities as well as dog products. The firm further has brick and mortar shops over the West Coast. They utilize an entire plant extraction procedure and argue it to be adequately at receiving all the useful aspects of the plants. Although LEEF Organics verges to be slightly more costly than the competitor, we understand that the quality composes for the additional cost.

LeafOrganics drives an affiliate program by ShareASale. The mean commission is 20%, and there is an additional 15% commission for tickets, loyalty, and cashback sites. They furthermore include seasonal sales and endless discounts to stimulate conversions further. Further, they offer professional imagery to the affiliates to build beautifully constructed campaigns.

The store also gives up in press shout-outs, containing Martha Stewart, Elle, and Forbes glamour. These characteristics bring this a sensational chance for fitness and health influencers.

15. Spektra Affiliate


Spektra concentrates on building CBD commodities for particular health purposes. These are generally full range formulas. The commodities precisely target the Spektra sells CBD patches, vapes, and tinctures. The commodities have outstanding buyer reviews. The commodities are accessible and are of high integrity.

This affiliate program is simple to enroll. The commission is 30% per sale and the cookie duration is 30 days. The firm figures around $2,400 of commission for 100 conversions. The fees are composed at the last of each month via Paypal. The influencers can also obtain deal coupons to pass along to their supporters to improve conversions.

The firm offers assistance to marketers to undertake campaigns and enhance their techniques. Similarly, they also provide assistance to the consumers to assure that they obtain a good commodity to fit their needs. All-around, for health bloggers, this is a win-win condition.


So, this was all about the top 15 best CBD affiliate programs for health bloggers in 2020. Well, if you have come till the end, then I must tell you that as a health blogger this affiliate deal is a win-win situation for us. However, any Influencers can enroll any of the programs illustrated above. Though, it is crucial to assess the traffic and the kind of content being delivered by the marketer. Few sites cater to athletes, while few heavily concentrate on pet commodities.

It is equally significant to contemplate the assistance procured by the shop to the bloggers to build and organize their campaigns. A flavored blogger may not need any allowance from the dealers. In distinction, a new influencer would expect some technical assistance as well as adequate commodity approaches. And finally, it is advisable to function with more than one CBD affiliate program to argue to an extra diverse user and maximize earnings.

I hope you have got each and every tiny detail about the CBD affiliate program. I must say you should choose any of this affiliate program mention above, as everyone has there own benefit.

Top 15 Best CBD Affiliate Programs For Health Bloggers In 2020

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