Concerned that your latest landing page is more of a launching off page? Feeling that it may be too text-heavy, too cluttered, too boring, just not driving enough conversions? Don”;t worry, I”;ve got a great way to help you turn landing page visitors into actual customers.

Drum roll please…;It”;s time to use video! Why? I”;m sure you already know a ton of reasons why, I don”;t need to explain it to you. Oh, you want me to anyway? Okay, here are some tasty tidbits for you:

Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text. So all that content you want to communicate can be delivered much faster, and in a much more engaging way. Video tells a story, and instead of seeming sales-pitchy, it”;s entertaining and memorable. Makes sense why videos on landing pages increase average page conversion rates by 86%!

Now that you”;re sold on including video on your landing page, how do you get people to not only watch that video, but to convert to the next stage of the qualification or buying process? Here”;s how to convert using video and landing page optimization:

1. Place your video above the fold

On your landing page, the video should be driving conversions. But if it”;s sitting at the bottom of the webpage or in amongst a heavy block of copy, why would anyone click on it? Keep the page clean and put the video (a.k.a. the star of the show) front and center by making sure that you don”;t have to scroll to see the full player. If you”;re asking, “;Okay, above the fold, but WHERE?”;, check out this goanimate article on video placement.

2. Use an effective video thumbnail

The thumbnail is what”;s going to attract a page visitor”;s attention first. The image can also show up in organic search results, so it needs to be eye-catching to tempt searchers and improve click-through rates. Unsure how to create an effective thumbnail? Find out how.

3. Size the video player so it gets noticed

Thumbnail SizeYour landing page may be visited from a variety of devices, and on different-sized screens. Keep this in mind when deciding how big or small the video will look on the page, as well as its aspect ratio, so that it looks great and attracts attention whether scaled up or down. If you decide to use a video player that fills the entire screen, just make sure that your Call-To-Action appears throughout or at the end of the video so that viewers still see and use it.

4. Don”;t autoplay your video

Generally, people respond negatively to videos that automatically play as soon as a page is visited. (How many times have you landed on a page only to have music start blaring from your computer in the middle of a quiet office? Not even a warning to let you know to plug in your headphones!)

There is a “;but”; – sometimes autoplay will work in your favor. For example, if a visitor was brought to the landing page after clicking a “;Watch this video”; link, it may be best to have the video automatically play because that”;s what the visitor is expecting. That way they won”;t have to make another unnecessary click to watch your awesome video.

5. Ask visitors to watch your video

First things first, you”;ve got to get your landing page visitors to watch your video! It”;s true, sometimes people don”;t realize that your video is what”;s driving your message. They”;ll take a look at the headline, maybe glance at an out-of-place CTA, scan some copy, and then bugger off. Prevent this buzz-around-and-buzz-off behavior by including “;Watch this short demo”;, or “;See what X can do for you”; in your lead-in copy, video title, or video splashscreen text.

6. Make video content valuable

It”;s pretty frustrating when you realize you wasted a few long minutes on video that tells you nothing and does nothing for you. A fluffy video doesn”;t convert. Neither does a generic, branded video. Instead, make your content meaty yet specific to the landing page topic, with a clear story and message. Video is perfect for explaining complex topics and products that would otherwise require detailed, lengthy, and convoluted copy.

Also consider using video for customer testimonials. A testimonial video cuts down on the copy on your page, and provides a lot of value: potential customers value the feedback of a current customer more than the marketer or sales guy who is paid to try to convince them.

7. Keep it short

ShortYou”;ve probably heard this a million times, and it”;s no less true on landing pages. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, so cut out the fluff and get to the point within about 60 seconds to two minutes at the most.

8. Realize that your video won”;t be watched all the way through

It”;s a hard pill to swallow – you were already keeping your video”;s length really trim, and still, people won”;t watch it all the way to the end?! It”;s true. These days, you”;ve only got about eight seconds to attract attention and hold it. That means you have the best chance of converting page visitors if you put the most important part of your message at the beginning of your video. And by “;the beginning”;, I really mean the beginning. Drop the introductions and cool intro visuals and just jump right in.

9. Don”;t forget your CTA!

Remember CTAWhat”;s the point of getting people to your site and having them enjoy your video if nothing comes after that? You made that landing page and video for a purpose, and that was to get more customers. So provide a CTA that displays during or at the end of your video that clearly tells the viewer what they need to do next: maybe download an eBook, watch a demo, move to a shopping cart, or any of a million other options.

10. Include your video in SEO efforts

It”;s hard for people to be converted to customers from your engaging video if they don”;t know it exists! You can drive people to your landing page through a variety of ways, but don”;t forget to submit your video site maps to Google. Then Google will know the content of your video and rank it in search results accordingly, which will only help drive conversions.

Put these top ten tips into action when considering landing page optimization, and you”;ll experience the impact video can have on your conversion numbers. And of course, keep in mind that the fun doesn”;t have to stop there: you can further improve results by taking a look at your video analytics in your video marketing platform, and adjusting your content accordingly for even greater success.

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