A while ago you heard Jesus say in the Gospel: “Anyone who has, will be given, more, and he will have more than enough, but from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away.” This sounds a bit harsh, but it is just an ordinary law of life. This is true for money and wealth. Money goes where money is. Those who are careful in handling money, make much more. This is true of scholarship and knowledge. He who studies hard, his whole life will remain intellectually fresh and well informed. He who has learned a language and never reads or practices it, will soon have lost all he once knew.

It is the same with our spiritual life, with moral goodness. Every temptation that is overcome gives us added strength to overcome the next one. Every good habit that is formed will become part of our character, it will become second nature. Undisciplined becomes unbearable. We say they have a snowballing effect. What starts small, will as it goes on, become bigger and bigger.

Yes, one little sin, if not checked, leads to bigger and bigger ones. As we worship God today, let us ask for the grace to check our bad habits, whether they be lying, or pride, or selfishness, or vanity, as soon as possible.

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