'The Goldbergs' Actor Bryan Callen Accused of Sexual Assault, Misconduct

Bryan Callen, one of the stars of the ABC sitcom The Goldbergs, has been accused of sexual assault and misconduct.

One month after comedian and actor Chris D’Elia was the subject of sexual misconduct allegations, four women came forward to say that his close friend Bryan engaged in similar behavior.

The Los Angeles Times reported that four women have made accusations of sexual assault and misconduct. One woman says that she was raped by Callen back in 1999, another said that he forced himself on her while she was working at an American Apparel store in 2009, and another woman said she entered a consensual sexual relationship with him in 2012, but he didn’t inform her that he was married at the time.

The fourth woman, comedian Tiffany King, says that she was in a car with Callen after having dinner together in 2017. He asked her to perform oral sex on him and when she said no, he offered her money, which she also turned down.

Bryan is denying the allegations.

“;Let me be very clear: I have never raped, forced myself upon any woman nor offered to trade stage time for sex. EVER. I know the truth. And I can only hold my head up high, remain true to myself, my family, my audience and know that I will not allow the cancel culture to subvert what I know and as importantly, what they know, is the truth,” he said in a statement.

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