Microsoft Office Home & Business 2016 for 1 PC – New Product Key without DVD – Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint and One Note

Caution: ESD key. Delivery of the product key as a note on your invoice. No data carrier. No package. No card. Sending the invoice including product key by e-mail. There is no return on the product key already transmitted. The functionality is guaranteed.

Product Features

  • New and unused product key will send by mail. Invoice contains product key.
  • Lifetime license for one PC for private use.
  • You can download your new software directly after purchase via
  • A Microsoft account can be created and registered.
  • Product contains only one product key – no outer packaging, no data carrier. Software is available for download.

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Zero Down Internet Business: Start a Work from Home Part-Time Business Without Investing a Single Cent If You Choose To!

Here’s how you can start a new internet marketing – work at home business as a side-hustle

You don’t need huge capital, business experience or technical knowledge to implement any of these business models.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

– The 4 step process on how to make at least $1,000 per month via Aliexpress
– How to get started with ZERO capital
– How to find products that are guaranteed best-seller!
– How to create a free website from scratch
– How to create a product listing
– How to set up your payment option
– How to drive free traffic from Facebook and Youtube
– How to fulfill your orders

– The exact process of how affiliate marketing works
– How to find the best products to promote
– How to choose the best product to promote
– How to create your own wordpress website in 60 minutes or less
– How to write a product review that converts website visitors into customers
– How to rank your website on Google
– How to apply some ninja on-page seo tactics on your website
– How to use youtube to get more traffic
– Examples of profitable affiliate marketing websites

– How to play to get paid
– the step by step instruction on how to take advantage of this secret, crazy and passionate market
– One of the most profitable niches today
– How to optimize your youtube videos for maximum SEO effectivity
– What to use to monetize your videos
– How to record your videos
– One simple traffic source that will double your income

Don’t hesitate and delay your own success.

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Affiliate E-commerce Authority: Make Money Without Your Own Product via International Affiliate Marketing & Instagram Ecommerce Selling

Learn how to create a new source of income and quit your day as soon as possible.

Just follow the step by step instructions and you’ll be on your way to a successful part-time (or full-time!) business.

Here are 2 Step by Step Guide to Internet Marketing Business Success

What you’ll discover:

International Niches Affiliate Marketing
– How to find a product to sell… this is the only source you need!
– How to choose an offer and why this one kind of offer is the best one for beginners
– The top 3 biggest niches to target right now
– The top countries to target besides the U.S.
– How to do proper keyword research
– How to create your website from A-Z
– How to write your review and how to outsource your other content!
– How to rank your website in Google through 5 minutes of work

Instagram Ecommerce Blueprint
– How the process of t-shirt selling works
– A list of the best categories/niches to target for beginners
– Why you should start with these niches instead of your “passion”
– A simple method of finding thousands of possible topic to use for your t-shirt design
– How to confirm if there’s a market for your topic/t-shirt design
– 2 of the best ways to hire a designer for as cheap as possible (without sacrificing quality!)
– How to choose a design that speaks to your audience
– How to set up your Teespring sales listing from start to finish
– The best apps to use for creating your Instagram content
– The 6 types of contents you can create for your followers
– My top 5 content/promotion guide that will help you build more followers and get more sales in the long run!


This bundle is perfect for beginners like you and there is no better way to get started than these business models.

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GET OUT! How To Escape An Abusive Partner & Set Up A Thriving Business From Home Without A Penny – From A Woman Who Did Just That!

In this book you will not find one piece of legal advice. You won’t find long chapters full of garbage because I know that you are probably suffering severe stress and have a low focus threshold.
When I searched for a book to help me in my situation at the time there wasn’t one. Not one that spoke to the situation I was in. This lack of inspiration when I needed it depressed me. It made me feel more isolated as though my situation was hopeless. While there are a million books out there that can talk down to you or clinically explain how to go to a shelter etc etc all of which scare the shit out of us in our situations, there wasn’t one that spoke to me and let me know that they had made it out, on their own and were now living a peaceful life!

I hope this book saves you from the depressing abyss that I felt I was falling into when I needed a step in the right direction.
We don’t need a lecture. We don’t need legal advice. What we need is a very easy workable solution that takes the pressure off us immediately and teaches us how to realistically escape imprisonment.

A self help book should do exactly that. Self help.

What you will find is a clear path trodden by one who has gone before you and who understands the inner and outer war that you are about to end.
This book is not going to be a long drawn out book. It is simple and straightforward and designed so that you and possibly your children also if you have any, can sleep peacefully at night, away from the horror of disempowerment and control and worse at the hands of a controlling abuser.

Who am I and why am I writing this book?
I’m a woman who was in a terrifying situation in life who could see no way out after talking to lawyers, therapists or reading any book.
I understand the complexities your situation may entail and your fears that keep you stuck in a mental and physical prison. The things hidden that perhaps you cannot say or explain to others.
After seeing no way out of my situation, I decided I would invent a path through chaos, pain and living through emotional horror.
I would like you to know that not only did I escape but that I did it while suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and physical injuries. My horror entailed a stroke in front of my two year old and a grief and heartache so bad at my family been torn apart that I went down to 49 pounds. That was just the icing on the cake.
Not only did I succeed in escaping but I excelled.

I hope this book gives strength when you are isolated and penniless and alone.
Right now, your mind, heart and spirit are not seeing clearly. Your emotional state is carrying someone else’s devious illusion within it. You are most likely exhausted and next week, next month, next year whenever it may be, you will be free.

Please remember these two truths that I have learnt.
The most powerful thing we have to change our life is called thought.
I’ve learnt that money or love does not make the world go round.
Thought does.
Thought is your seed to plant for tomorrow’s harvest.
Thought is free and so are you.
If someone asked anyone would they had done today, any person could answer quite truthfully. “I thought.”
You see without realising it, you already have what everyone else has.
I hope this book teaches you something valuable about your relationship with thought and exactly what can be achieved by knowing it’s power.
I’m going to take you from staring daily on your bed at the ceiling trapped in a mental prison and hand you a key. There are probably many keys but this is the one that I discovered and can teach you. Because I have been where you are and now I’m where you want to be. Free.
Follow me at my author page below for new releases!

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SELLING ACADEMY: 3 Money Making Opportunities Online via Ecommerce Even Without Your Own Inventory

Launch Your Own Online Ecommerce Business from Scratch


This business model doesn’t require:


Inside you’ll learn:

– The entire blueprint to achieving success as a newbie affiliate marketer
– How to easily find the best products on Amazon
– The top 4 category to choose from when promoting affiliate products on Youtube
– Some examples of real-lfie reviews to copy and model for your own project
– How to create a video review step by step
– How this one trick increase my conversion by around 20%
– The best practices for uploading your video on Youtube (so it’ll rank faster on Youtube and Google)
– How to find keywords to rank on Google so you can double your traffic for as cheap as $9
– How to rank your videos on Google ASAP

– The exact checklist that you can use to know if a product will make you money even before you order your first sample
– How to find product ideas like a pro!
– Why 99% of the e-commerce owners are doing their research the wrong way!
– How to evaluate your product ideas,,… step by step
– A simple tool that you can use to make product decision making much, much easier…
– A checklist that you can use to make sure that you won’t waste a single cent on a product
– How to find products that are almost guaranteed to be best sellers in their own categories!

-How to locate suppliers.
-How to organize your suppliers’ information.
-The exact “cheat sheet” that you need to make sure that you’re not missing any information that you need to be able to make a sound decision, on whether you should order the product or not.
-How to negotiate the minimum order quantity (so you’ll pay less).
-What are the best shipping options
-What are the best practices that you should always follow so you won’t waste your time, money and effort.

– How to write a product listing step by step
– The key components that makes a product listing converts
– A live example of how to do your product listing… watch me write a title from scratch
– the first step that you should take before you do write your listing
– What are the kind of images that brings in the sales
– How to write your description like a pro!

– The exact step by step instructions to make money selling tshirt
– How to make sure that your tshirts will be best sellers
– what exact market to choose for maximum profitability
– How to sell your tshirts
– How to market your tshirts the easiest possible way via FB fanpages

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Affiliate Lifestyle: Create a Home-Based Business Even Without Your Own Product. 2 Affiliate Marketing Business Models for Newbies.

Choose Your Own Path and Break the Shackles of Slowlane Entrapment


The Bundle:

– How to take advantage of the hundreds of product launches happening right now
– Why product bonuses are key to making a lot of product sales without extra effort in selling
– How to create a website that will convert
– How to write a REAL and GENUINE product review that customers like
– Example of websites that made a killing though this method of affiliate marketing
– How to rank your website on Google without much effort from your part!

– How to find the best products to promote
– The ONE THING that you should look for before you choose a product to promote
– The tools you need to create your video
– The types of video and when to use them
– How to create a product review that converts viewers into buyers
– How to upload and optimize your video for maximum SEO power
– How to rank your without doing the grunt work
– The best practices to follow to earn more money via Clickbank
– BONUS ALERT: I will also give you some examples of awesome product reviews to model

Learn to Finally Take Control of Your Own Time & Freedom.

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