Make Money in the Stock Market as a Private Investor: Invest in the supermarket of the best companies in the world and get financial freedom

Discover a whole new world for your savings. Becoming a smart investor implies that you banish the idea that the stock market is a casino and start to see it as a supermarket where you can buy the best companies in the world.

This book will teach you how to invest and be successful from the point of view of an individual investor. The idea of writing the book came after reading dozens of investment books and realizing that the vast majority of them are written by investment fund managers for investment fund managers. This way of investing has little to do with what is interesting to a particular investor when it comes to managing their personal finances.

The book has a pleasant style and avoids those typical chapters introductory books to financial markets, such as the differences between fixed and variable income or the benefits of the compound interest rate. It will teach you how to invest, to distinguish good companies from mediocre companies and identify the right moment to invest in them.

These are some of the aspects you will find inside the book:

  • Some of the best companies in the world and the reason that makes them so interesting.
  • How to avoid certain misconceptions about the world of investment and methods that do not work.
  • How to achieve financial freedom by long-term investing in companies that are real machines to generate value for the shareholder through dividends, share repurchases and through business growth.
  • Interesting histories and anecdotes about the world of business and financial investment.

About the author

David has been an economist and private investor for fifteen years. On his long-term investment portfolio, there are companies known to everyone such as Google, Nike and Visa.

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Now Everyone Can Make Money From Stock Market Easily.: How to Make Money from Stock Market easily

This eBook is totally for the people who have Burning desire to make money from Stock market but they are scared because of not having the proper Knowledge. So this book will give you the Best & Simple idea to make money from Stock Market without having complete knowledge of Stock Market.

Here will discuss that how anyone can invest in stock Market without knowing to read the Balance sheet, Annual Result,Technical Analysis , Fundamental Analysis, etc.

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