Magic Leverage Set DIY Hair Styling Spiral Rollers Set Curly Hair Styling Rollers with Your Personal Size Makes it Perfect for Creating Wonderful Curls and Hair Length DIY and Save Money

Gorgeous Curls To Do Is Not Exactly When get a salon. The You can create with our rollers also on its own at home. With just a few hints this screwing in with the rollers it’s easy.
In one convenient pack there are 8 large and 8 small rollers. The rollers are available in the following colours, blue, pink, yellow and green.
The rollers are available in the following sizes: 13 cm | 9 cm the 13 cm Large Rollers for long hair and the 3.5 inch shaped large rollers for short hair.
Create a Kombiniation Two rollers on one strand is possible
Instructions: Plug the Fädler thanks to the rollers and threadable it a hair strand. Pull out this strand with the Fädler winder so that the rollers to your hair strand.

Product Features

  • Package Includes:: 2 pcs small lap 8x rollers (Color comes in random) 8 x Large rollers (Color comes in random)
  • Two sizes for your choice to your hair length
  • Make fantastic spiral curls with rollers.
  • Quick, easy and juice good curls

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