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Soap Saver Bar Mould – Save Money And Recycle End Slivers Of Hand Facial Or Body Soap

Save money and make your soap last
longer with our Soap Saver Mould.


Recycle the end slivers of soap by moulding
them into a new bar.


Simply soften the leftovers in warm water,
place into the mould, and rotate the top and bottom to smooth them into
a round bar of soap.


Perfect for anyone who is eco-friendly with
a make do and mend attitude.


Made of plastic.



Height: 5cm (2″);

Diameter: 7cm (2.8″).

Product Features

  • Save money and make soap last longer
  • Recycle ends of soap and make new bars
  • Rotates to make moulding easy
  • Avoid wasting resources and be eco-friendly
  • Ideal for anyone with a make do and mend attitude

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