22,000 videos sold: my fetish self-exploration turned into Real Money on Clips4Sale. Now it’s your turn!: Earn money from home: My clips4sale step-by-step setup guide to your adult home business

“Dear Sinna,
you’re great! You’re giving tons of useful advices! This is exactly what I was looking for.
Besides, you write in a very entertaining, funny (yet honest and authentic) way. I love it!”

“Hi Sinna! Thank you so much for this incredible guide. I refer to it at least twice a day”

“while the detail is C4S specific, much of your advice could apply to many other business models.”

“I have had a C4S studio for 6 years. Everything I have read so far is spot on. It’s all great advice.”

Are you a searcher or a worker?

It’s like: “Let’s look around and find the method that earns me millions of money in a short amount of time without doing much. Like start one website and that just magically turns into a six-figure passive income”

And that explains the thousands of scam websites and useless books that tell you how to get rich. They are made by abusers who abuse the fact that people search for ways to make money. They just endlessly milk the hordes of SEARCHERS.

Meanwhile, the searchers just skip through books and websites until they find the million dollar earnings proof they want. And then THEY FIND IT. Why?

Because the people writing that stuff know that their target group is a group of searchers. They don’t want to attract actual workers, because those workers will find out very soon that the described method doesn’t work at all.

The searchers buy the book / access to the website / course / whatever, then read a little, then do this and that a little. Then NOT get rich, but credit that to the fact that they did too little.

Then skip that method and search for a NEW method that will make them rich even more easily.

Because, you know, maybe there is another method that gets you rich, by doing little to nothing, but you just have not found it yet.

Some searchers never realize that, by buying all these methods that were never meant to work, they actually made that method produce a valid earnings proof.

That abuser can now show you a million in sales, because you bought that method with which they presumably made that million. The method does not exist. YOU are the method.

Milking searchers is the only method 99% of these people actually have set up.

Stop searching

All my earnings in this book have nothing to do with you or your money. It’s all about what I created and generated from customers of my clipstore, not from you or anyone supporting my adult-income project.

All the support for adult-income goes back into that project to help anyone start earning something extra.

So why do I show the earnings proof?

I am not only trying to help people earn extra income, I also hope to get some searchers to settle, sit down and start DOING.

Seriously, I wrote this whole eBook step by step, in my free time, so everyone could follow along.

My “method”, “system” or whatever the “get rich online” people call it, is ACTUALLY WORKING.

It’s funny that those words can be understood in two ways, because that just hits the nail on the head.

I meant them literally. You need to work. I know you don’t like to hear it, but you do.

The good thing is, it WILL pay off.

The best thing is, from this paragraph onward, I hope I only have serious readers left.

The searchers can go on searching now.

Suggested google keywords are “get rich fast” “online millionaire” “how to get rich online” and combinations of those.

I am sure you will find absolutely great and astonishing results that you can do “TODAY for just $4.99 instead of $6000”

I wrote this passage just like the abusers do, to show my deep disrespect to the abusers.

Abusers take money from people who don’t have any. Their target group is literally a poor group of people. No rich person in the world is searching for a way to get rich.

I really hope that you find my book as useful as all the other people did. It can change your whole life. Price is as low as possible.

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Home Based Business: Success Systems: 12 real businesses you can start today with nothing more than a computer and a wifi connection (Home Based Business Opportunities)

Build The Home Based Business Of Your Dreams! Quit Failing! Get Focused And Stay Focused!

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I’ve been successfully making money in my own home based businesses for over eight years now. I know what works and what doesn’t. I’ve coached and mentored hundreds of people to achieve the same success as me, or more!

Hi! My name is Lee Cole. I was a high school mathematics teacher for a decade. I was stressed out beyond belief, and I wasn’t making nearly enough money. My health was suffering. My marriage was suffering. My kids were suffering. I was literally breaking down in all ways that a person could break down.

I knew in my heart that there had to be a better way. I started learning how to make money online through Internet marketing in 2007. By 2010, I had enough income and experience to go full time, which I did!

There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people who would love to achieve the same level of success. Why don’t they? There are lots of reasons, but in my coaching and mentoring I’ve found that the following are often the culprits: going into the wrong type of business, lack of a clear understanding of how to succeed, not having the skills necessary to make a given type of online business work.

Over the past eight years, I’ve been a successful freelancer, business consultant, affiliate marketer, and network marketer. I know what it takes to achieve success in all four of those wildly different types of businesses. In my new book, Home Based Business Success Systems I break this all down for you. I show you twelve real businesses you can start from your kitchen table with nothing more than a laptop and a wifi connection, some with zero money up front too! I’ve made significant money in all of these areas, and I show you exactly what it will take to make real money in any of these fields.

The big thing that holds people back is lack of believe and lack of focus. Don’t you think you might stay focused if you knew what it was going to take to make a real business work? If you have a real game plan in mind, one that was proven, that you believed in, I’m pretty sure you could make a home based business work for you. Problem is people don’t that realistic expectations of how long these businesses take to get off the ground, the kinds of skills you need for each business, and the work required on your part. In Home Based Business Success Systems I strip away all the “B.S” and show you exactly what it will require to make real money. All you have to do then is start to work, keep your head down, not get distracted and finally build the business you’ve always wanted to.

Home Based Business Success Systems is a companion book to Home Based Business Escape Plan. Success Systems takes off where Escape Plan leave off. You do not have to have Escape Plan to understand and profit from this book, but if you like it why not?

My wish for you is that you finally start and grow the business you’ve always wanted to. That you build the lifestyle you’ve always desired! Get Home Based Business Success Systems and start today!

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Flipping Houses: The Ultimate Crash Course on House Flipping (Buy, Rehab, and Resell Properties, Building Wealth, Make Money in Real Estate, Investment Book 4)

Are You Ready to Master House Flipping Instead of Working for Somebody Else?

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The Flipping Houses Crash Course that you can’t afford to miss!

Are you a Beginner House Flipper or a Seasoned Real Estate Investor? Do you already have several flips under your belt or are you just starting out? No matter which of those categories you fall into, this book will serve you well and is guaranteed to up your game in this competitive business.

This is the fourth book in our series on Flipping Houses. First we trained up newbies with our Comprehensive Beginners Guide and next we delivered all the Cardinal Rules you need to know to stay profitable. Then we provided Essential Strategies for Intermediate Investors to sharpen and hone their skills.

Now we will provide a crash course that is designed to get you from A to Z. This book recaps SOME of the things you may have learned in books 1 to 3 of our series, but it also provides a slew of brand new concepts. You don’t want to miss out so get your copy before the price goes up. This book analyzes the important aspects to flipping houses for profit, and it goes in depth to depict the most common mistakes associated with this field of work.

Here is Exactly What You Will Discover…..

  • Exact Steps to Take Before You Buy Your Property
  • How to get the math right. Many people mess this easy step up and it can make the difference between a fat profit or money down the toilet
  • How to get all your ducks in a row and make a step by step plan to ensure your flip’s success
  • Rehabbing the Property and Exactly How to Offset the costs of rehab
  • Maximizing Curb Appeal and Selecting the best neighborhood
  • And Much more!

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Real Estate: 3 Flipping Houses Manuscripts: Beginners Guide, Cardinal Rules, Essential Strategies for Intermediate Flippers (Buy, Rehab, and Resell Properties, … Make Money in Real Estate, Investment)

3 Books in 1 Powerful Bundle!

Usually priced at $8, buy now to receive for only $4.99

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This definitive guide on Flipping Houses for profit contains 3 manuscripts conveniently rolled up in 1:

  • Flipping Houses: Comprehensive Beginners Guide for Newbies
  • Flipping Houses: The Cardinal Rules for Success
  • Flipping Houses: The Essential Strategies You Were Never Taught

The Flipping Houses resource guide that you don’t want to miss!

Inside you will find everything you need to get started with one of the best strategies for earning passive income there is. Many people have literally earned millions of dollars flipping houses and there is no reason you can’t become one of them.

If you are looking to dive into the exciting world of Real Estate Investing and house flipping, this is the book you need! Written in easily understandable language, you’ll find everything answered here. This book will save you lots of time. By investing just a small amount of money in this book now, you’ll actually save yourself a lot of money in the future. While you may not believe it now, since so many books offer empty promises, you’ll find our promises are fulfilled after you take the time to read this book. Of course, this time investment is also necessary, but we promise, it too is small and worthwhile.

Flipping Houses: Comprehensive Beginners Guide for Newbies

Here is Exactly What You Will Discover…..

  • Proven strategies regarding how to become a truly accomplished flipper where you’re making lots of money from each flip you do
  • Information so you make money by setting up your own profitable business
  • What’s necessary to know about this entire business – from getting financing (and understanding what the various types of financing are) to deciding what home to buy, deciding how much rehab is necessary and selling your flip for a profit
  • Answers to any questions you have (e.g. Who should I buy a house from? How do I buy it for a good price? When do I know it’s ready to sell again?)
  • Information about the many flipping television shows in existence today and whether or not they’re trustworthy or feeding you a bunch of lies
  • And Much more!

Flipping Houses: The Cardinal Rules for Success

Here is Exactly What You Will Discover…..

  • A list of the mistakes that even seasoned house flippers typically make and ways to avoid them
  • How to decide which repairs are worth your money and which ones aren’t
  • Crafting an exit strategy that will save you from financial ruin
  • The exact strategies you need to calculate your After Repair Value (ARV)
  • Tips you need on how to keep renovation costs down
  • Finding the right contractor
  • And Much more!

Flipping Houses: The Essential Strategies You Were Never Taught

Here is Exactly What You Will Discover…..

  • Indispensable mathematical constructs for you to make the best decisions and maximize your profits
  • An in-depth analysis of the market and pitfalls that many investors have faced
  • How to implement easy math to win in this endeavor each and every time
  • A step by step guide to accurately implementing our beneficial stratagem for flipping houses
  • The best ways to quickly improve your current financial status through investment that is yours for the taking
  • And Much more!

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Start your own business Jobs Suck: An entrepreneur’s guide to starting a home based business with no nonsense, real vocational guidance

This book is an honest look into opportunities and the real picture of corporate America. Most jobs suck for many factors. Let me ask you have you ever worked at a company that has horrible management? The kind of manager that has no idea what’s happening yet they keep their job? The corporate world has become a common dumping ground for the “it wasn’t me” business person, no one wants to be accountable for their actions anymore or the results, well unless there good results.

the best book you’ll read this year, now the title jobs suck is properly named. I’m giving you a real a brutal look at the ridiculous circumstances most of the world has to endure to support their families. There are an insane amount of nut job bosses, incompetent managers in the work place are a modern day epidemic, and it’s out of control. I truly believe as human being we aren’t meant to spend our earthly existence in a cubicle. It’s unnatural, hey people protest that having animals in Zoos is not natural yet you want and expect me to sit in a small box most of my days doing some repetitive unfulfilled and mundane task. I think not, in Jobs suck we look at the current realty of our modern society and we also get into real world, real time solutions for the person who knows that they want and deserve more.

Hey if you love cube life or being micromanaged this may not be the book for you. This isn’t for everybody if you like 30 minute lunches and having 5 days off per year. Please stop reading this isn’t for you my friend, go check out a book in the stress management section or a cook book in the 30 minute meals quick fix section. But if you like the idea of having more control over your income Keep read on. It’s a big beautiful world out there. I can’t express that enough there is literally tons of opportunity, you’re an adult and I intended to see that you are professionally treated like one. No more asking to pee take breaks or kissing up someone that doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

The world of the entrepreneur if the world of self-appointment, there is no one to telling you what they think you do and don’t deserve. There are people attempt to hold you back for the sheer fact of they have nothing else better to do. Business can be a cold world, a company wouldn’t think twice about cutting labor. Don’t be hesitant about making your life better and earning more money! Everyone is their own CEO.

Hey look we all go to school as children to become adult get a job/ career and live our lives. We all went through years of being told what time to be someone where, when to eat, when to use restrooms and take breaks, we had to ask permission for everything. Fast forward after years of high school, college and for few people add on a few extra graduations for my advanced degree holders. You’re off to the real world. Where the vicious cycle beings rinse and repeat. This book is anti micromanagement I’d say.

The top 11 things you’ll get from this book will be

1. Uncovering new and business opportunities that you may have previously over looked
2. Tips on how to transition from a 9-5 to the entrepreneurial life style.
3. How to combine marketing Technics to grow your business.
4. Action steps to getting the ball rolling on your journey.
5. A close look at business structures to form a company.
6. Motivational tips to keep you focused on the big picture.
7. An in-depth look at procrastination and recommendations on overcoming daily distractions
8. Discover how some of these seemingly large companies are really one person operations & how you can do it too.
9. Tap into the world of outsourcing
10. Learn how to patiently deal with those who will discourage you on your journey without losing focus.
11. Top marketing strategies to help you leverage and grow your business quickly.

Quote in from the book.” In life there are great opportunities, and then there are opportunities you do great things with”.

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Making Money From Nothing: How to make money without spending a dime (Real Ways To Make Money Book 1)

This book was written with the poor man’s interest in mind. It is not another get rich quick scheme, pyramid scheme, or scam to take money from people with dreams of owning their own business. It is a book for those people who are tired of spending money on promises and getting nowhere. Just as the title implies, I have found a way to start making money without spending a dime. No need to waste your time and money making someone else rich.

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