Taymar VBC56 Portrait Business Card Holders – Transparent (Pack Of 2)

Product Features

  • Pack of 2 business card holders.
  • Single pocket desk top business card holders in portrait display.
  • Made from clear plastic for maximum card visibility.
  • Suitable for business cards up to 56mm (2.2″) wide.
  • Holds a 17mm thickness of cards – typically around 40

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Photography Business: 2 Manuscripts – “Making Money in the Music Business as a Photographer” and “How to Make Money and Grow Your Business with Portrait Parties”

Photography Business

“Making Money in the Music Business as a Photographer” and “How to Make Money and Grow Your Business with Portrait Parties”

This book contains valuable information on starting your own photography business in the music industry, and also how to grow a photography business through portrait parties. It’s truly an advantage if you are a photographer by profession, but if not, it doesn’t mean that you could not open your own small business. This book can help you get the ball rolling with your startup.

Despite the fact that people now own smart phones with great cameras, nothing can beat the skill of a professional photographer – they just know the nuts and bolts of taking photos, editing, and printing. They know about the correct angle, the right amount of light, and even the appropriate gesture and expression. Professional photographers are just more organized, more effective, and they give better-looking images that you can proudly post online.

I know that starting a photography business – any business, in fact – is not a walk in the park. It’s also not roses and rainbows; there will be difficulties along the way and maybe at one point you might even think of quitting. Lower your chances of being discouraged by being equipped – one way to do that is to read, savor, and finish this book.

Here are a Few Things You Will Learn From This Book:

•How to take photographs for live shows
•Techniques for taking the perfect promotional photos
•Ways to optimize an album cover
•How to create music videos
•Tips that will take your social media presence from good to great
•Expand your knowledge of electronic press kits
•The necessary knowledge to advertise your business, to lift it off the ground, and to create a sustainable income stream.
•Tips for how to differentiate yourself from your competition and attract more clients.
•How to price your services and where to make the largest margins on your labor.
•And much, much more!

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