Make Money to Write About Your Kids: Get Published in Regional, National & Online Parenting & Family Magazines

Realize Your Writing Dreams and Make Money! My bet is that quite often you read a magazine or online article and say to yourself, “I could have written that – and better!” So you write your essay or article. Then what? Where do you submit it? Do you give up at this point? I’ve seen it happen too many times. Your writing dreams are crushed and those paychecks are never going to show up in your mailbox. Think of “Make Money to Write About Your Kids” as your writing angel. It has 16 chapters of useful information before it dives into 285 paying markets, complete with submission email addresses, submission guidelines and pay information. This is the 6th edition of the book, updated February 2015, and over the years it has been perfected to include not just regional markets such as San Diego Family, BC Parent, Orlando Family and more, but also has added national markets such as FamilyFun, BabyTalk, Parents, Parenting, Homeschooling Today and many more. I have personally been published in 140 regional parenting magazines in print and online since publishing this resource, all while maintaining a home, a marriage and homeschooling. I love being able to be at home with my kids while also living my dream of writing and making money for my family. I can get my work done mostly while the kids sleep and then head out to the pool or to the zoo with them! I want other mom and dad writers to be able to realize their dreams, as well. And, of course, you don’t even have to be a parent to write for the regional parenting publications! *Now includes all 285 markets in an at-a-glance table with name of publication and email address at the end of the book! You can find the list of publications I have worked with here: http: // What have you got to lose? If you hate this book you can always get a refund from Amazon because everybody knows they have amazing customer service practices. If you love it, spread the word! Go ahead

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Make Money On eBay: 50 Items That You Can Always Sell on eBay

Want to make additional income online, but don’t know how?

Have you tried selling items on eBay with minimal success?

“Make Money On Ebay” will teach how to spot items that are guaranteed to sell on the platform.

Most eBay books just cover the basics with very little actionable advice. When I first started selling items on eBay I fell victim to one of these books. Instead of telling me how to make money on eBay the book proceeded to tell me its rules, and regulations. Thanks, but no thanks!

This book will tell you the items that will make you money, where to find them, and how to package them to sell today!

I make a full-time income from eBay and you can as well!

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Options Trading: Make Money Online: Introduction To Options Trading For Beginners In 2018

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Kindle Money Making Victory: Discover How To Make Money From Your Kindle EBooks Successfully: Volume 1 (Kindle Victory)

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How To Make Money From Home: 2 Manuscripts – Make Money Blogging: A Proven Method to 6 Figures A Year + SEO Marketing: How to Rank #1 When You Are Just an Average Joe

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How to Create a Business on the Amazon and Ebay: How to Make Money Online (Step-by-Step for Dummies)

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The Daily Grind: How to open and run a coffee shop that makes money

A practical guide to opening and running a successful Independent Coffee Shop, essential reading for all Entrepreneurs.
Don’t open your coffee shop until you have read this
How to select your coffee shop location
How to get a great team for your coffee shop
How to provide WOW service
How to choose what to sell in your coffee shop
The importance of a good layout in your coffee shop
How to choose the equipment for a new coffee shop
How to run your coffee shop
How to keep in financial control of your coffee shop
How to sell your coffee shop
The coffee shop success formula

This is a highly practical book with very sound advice. Andrew & Claire are hugely experienced in the industry, and more importantly over several locations. So make sure you read it with a marker pen in your hand. Take all of their advice – it might just prevent you from making some very expensive mistakes.’

John Richardson – The Coffee Boys

‘Straight forward, independent, no-nonsense advice is not easy to find.
This is a must read book for every budding and existing coffee shop entrepreneur. Even if you do not own a coffee shop, read it for great business advice.’
Martyn Herriott – Beverage Standards Association

Andrew & Claire Bowen opened their first franchised coffee shop in 2007, after leaving senior roles in retail and healthcare. Within eighteen months they had opened three outlets and had over £1m turnover. In 2011 they developed their own independent format, which they continue to run. They support coffee shop owners worldwide as founders of Café Success Hub.

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Money Paths – 6 Real Ways to Make Money as a Life Coach

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Home Based Opportunity Business Ideas: Making Money Fast Working from Home via Teespring and Fiverr Service Marketing

According to the experts, an economic meltdown may come anytime soon.

It means lots of people, including you – may lose their jobs…
Protect yourself by starting your own home-based business today.

Here’s a preview of what you’l discover inside.

Teespring Mastermind
– How to find the best topics to design and sell your t-shirt in
– The 3 criteria your topic MUST get right for you to choose it
– How to find design ideas and why research is key to Teespring success
– 3 ways to hire a designer from as low as $5 – $500++
– How to properly set up your Teespring listing from start to finish
– The best “target sales number” for beginners
– How to create ad image that sells your product
– How to set up your first Facebook ad from A to Z
– 4 things that will happen after the initial test and what to do in each scenario

The Beginner Ultimate Fiverr Freelancer
– The A to Z process of making money through Fiverr freelancing for newbies
– How to choose the perfect service that you can offer
– The top 10 services to offer this year and the next few years (guaranteed to still be profitable)
– What to do if you’re not an expert in anything
– How to get good fast in your chosen skills … you can be an expert in less than 2 weeks in almost any skill you choose
– 5 things to do to get good enough in a matter of weeks and get paid ASAP!
– How to properly create your account on Fiverr
– How to create your Fiverr listing… in a way that it’s simple and converts high even for first time sellers
– Example of product description and listing that sells
– How to upsell customers so you can earn thousands of $ instead of hundreds per month…
– Sample scripts to use when upselling your customers


Look, if you’re not willing to put in the work – then thse business ideas is probably not for you.
I only want serious internet marketers to read this book bundle. Someone who will complain less and take more action.

Are you that person?

Then Scroll Up and Download Your Copy Today!

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Make Money Blogging: Proven Strategies and Tools, Step-by-step Guide to Making Money Consistently With Your Blog While Working From Home

Just like many people who have not made up their mind, you may be wondering whether to start blogging or not, if you consider the reasons you should blog, you wouldn’t delay longer. As an individual, blogging will give you the voice or opportunity to share your opinions, ideas and stories. Secondly it will help you build a strong community as well as a place for other people, especially your followers, to interact on your ideas, stories and experiences. When you have garnered sufficient follower-ship then you can think about monetize your website because it wouldn’t be a lot easier at the stage.
This book has been written to educate and inform you about the various ways of making money through blogging, hence some of the things you will learn from here include;

  • The various types of money-spinning blogs you can venture into.
  • How to choose the right type of blog based on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • The best and most viable options for blog monetization.
  • Common blogging mistakes that can cost you success in blogging and how to avoid them.
  • Traffic generation and simple SEO strategies that will propel your blogging career into a huge success.
  • Tips and ideas on how to transform your blog into a permanent passive income opportunity.
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