Money: Make It! Manage It! Master It!

Take control of your money and finally live life on your terms.

Your subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind. What you focus on expands. It is your mind that keeps you from making, managing and mastering your relationship with money and as a result your overall wealth. International author, speaker, entrepreneur and success coach Aly Michaels will show you how to lift the ceiling on your financial life once and for all so you can be in control of your money and life life on your terms. If you are ready to take the leap and make that change, this book will show you how to make more money, manage your money and master your money to live debt free and have the financial freedom you desire and deserve.

You’ll learn:
– 7 simple steps to financial freedom
– Why your money blueprint has held you back
– The top 3 secrets to lasting financial intelligence
– How to decrease and get rid of all debt forever
– The #1 secret to never living in debt again, ever!
– The negative emotions associated with money
– The secret attitudes and principles of billionaires

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Money: How To Get Rich and Get Out of Debt (Learn How To – Make Money, Manage Your Finances, How To Stop Overspending, How To Save Money, and How To Invest … Finances, Credit Rating, Credit Repair)

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Use these powerful strategies to get out of debt and get rich to live the life that You Deserve!

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

Disclaimer: Money is not the root of all happiness, but it sure does make life a lot easier.

Having financial abundance and freedom is something many people aspire to have in their lifetimes. Think about it, what would you do if you had access to millions of dollars and complete control of what you do with your time?

Well, guess what, this is possible to obtain for ANYBODY, including YOU. It’s all about having the knowledge, and this is what this book is here to do – show you how to develop long lasting wealth.

What if…

  • What if you had millions of dollars?
  • What if you could provide and get anything your family needs?
  • What if you could make millions of dollars while you travel?
  • What if you could buy anything you wanted?
  • What if you never had to work a job ever again?

Here’s the Good News…

The choice is yours and the knowledge is available to you. In this book, you will learn the strategies to implement into your life that will create long lasting wealth for years to come. Whether you are broke and have no money or you are already doing well financially, this book and the principles it teaches will help you to boost your income.

This is not a get rich quick book, but rather, it is a get rich DEFINITELY book.

In this book you will learn…

  • How to Make Money In Today’s World
  • Leveraging Your Earnings: How To Reduce Your Bills
  • How To Create An Effective Budget
  • How To Stop Overspending Once And For All
  • How To Make The Smartest Investments
  • And Much, Much More!

Do you feel like a tiny investment of only 99 cents is worth having the knowledge that will equip you to make hundreds of thousands of dollars?

If you answered yes, and are willing to make this tiny investment, then scroll up now and hit the BUY Button – see you there my friend 🙂

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Work From Home: Make, manage, and market your online home business

Many people sit in their cubicle at work and dream of getting away from it all to start their own business. The ability to do so has become that much easier thanks to the internet, but only if you have an understanding of what it takes to build a solid business model. There are now plenty of legitimate opportunities available, including some that you can start on your own. This book will give you advice about PRODUCTS your business can deliver online, how to MARKET those products, and how to MANAGE your resources-including the technology you can use, your money (when it starts to come in!), your customers, and of course yourSELF. Launch and expand your online business with Work From Home.

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Online Income : 3 Manuscripts: Amazon FBA: Step-by-step Beginner’s Guide: How to Make Money Globally, How to Outsource and Manage Suppliers, Brand and Marketing Strategies

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***Learn how to create a business model that will generate over $5000 in monthly passive income for you***

Interested in learning how to maximize profits using digital channels? Have a great product idea but not sure how to create it?

In this book you will be provided with a roadmap on how to start an online business, how to create a product from beginning to end, and how to effectively market that product using Amazon’s platform to reach a global audience.

Making online income can be VERY lucrative and SIMPLE if you know what you are doing. Unlike brick and mortar shops, your products can and will be available to customers around the world ALL THE TIME. That means that customers will be able to buy your products 24/7 even when you are asleep. THIS is the benefit of an online business model.

In the past, entrepreneurs like you and I would have been limited to how many products we could sell per month based on the customer traffic to our stores. But now, with the presence of global platforms like Amazon we are able to expand our reach to customers not only within our own cities, but cities around the world!

This is the secret to how you can scale your business FAST. Relative to a global market, making $5000/ month is EASY when your customer base is in the millions.

Learn how to leverage this global market using Amazon’s platform and start making money online today!

Here is a list of the topics that will be covered:

  • Step-by-step Beginner’s Guide on How to Make Money Globally by Selling Private Label Products on Amazon
  • Tips and Tricks On How to Outsource and Manage Suppliers to Reduce Costs, Increase Profits and Build a Sustainable Business Model
  • Brand and Marketing Strategies That Will Transform Your FBA Business and Help Sell Your Products

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Tags: Amazon FBA, Ecommerce, entrepreneurship, Outsourcing, Purchasing, Import, Export

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Money: The Top 100 Best Ways To Make And Manage Money (Money Making Ideas Secrets & Strategies for Personal Finance Wealth Building)

Are you tired of struggling financially? Do you wish you knew how to make more money?

Whether you (1) are looking for easy ways to make more money, (2) want a full-fledged money-making action plan, or (3) just want to keep more of the money you currently have, then this is the book for you!

Don’t be a loser in the money game.

What you will find in this book is a series of genuine money-making tips, strategies and ideas that have made many people around the world wealthy.

Knowing the best ways to make and manage your money is one of the most important skills you can ever master!

In this book I share an incredible variety of strategies, ideas, techniques, and lifestyle choices that you can easily apply in order to bring more money into your life! Life is so much better when you have the money you need to live at your full potential! Can you imagine a life that is free from the constant worry of how to address bills, debt, and other financial obligations! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to focus on the joys of life and spread your wealth around to all those you care about? That is the dream of many. You can make it a reality, but first you have to learn how to master the game! This book will point you in the direction you need to go.

Prime your thoughts for success.

If you don’t believe you deserve to be financially successful, you’ll never know financial success. However, if you train your mind and your attitudes to look for success, you’ll be more likely to notice the opportunities and then do what is necessary to capitalize! When you implement some of the strategies I have provided in this book, you can identify and overcome your fears, put to rest your anxieties, and equip yourself to successfully make and handle money when it comes your way.

A critical component to making and keeping money is a good personalized actin plan, so that you can grow in your financial success and effectively manage your funds. I have provided some specific information that will enable you to make your own personalized action plan so that you can maximize your success potential.

Know when to take risks.

In addition to giving you the keys to overcoming common barriers to success, I also give you practical information about investing, when to start a business, and when the time is right to sell either one. You will also discover secrets that the pros use to keep themselves wealthy. After reading this, my goal is that you will be well equipped to pursue your dreams and minimize your risk of loss.

What will you learn about making money?

  • How to wire your brain for financial success.
  • The best habits for increasing wealth.
  • The best ways to grow your income.
  • Money making strategies the best in the world use.
  • How to set set financial goals the right way.

You Will Also Discover:

  • Money-making business ideas.
  • Smart ways to invest your money.
  • How to stay motivated to bring your money-making ideas to fruition.
  • How to create a money making action plan that works.

Discover the best ways to increase your personal wealth!

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Soap Making Business: How to Start and Manage Your Own Home Based Soap Business

In Soap Making Business: How to Start and Manage Your Own Home Based Soap Business you will learn important tips on: how to make sure that your soap making business is a success how to buy raw materials and save money running successful and profitable sales planning tips for putting together a range of soap to sell different ways you can sell your homemade soaps various ways to go about marketing your soaps by either retail or wholesale Having a business takes a hobby to a whole new level and there are certain steps that need to be understood so that you keep your soap making business viable and profitable. Owning a business is not always easy but when you know some of these success tips it will be easier to overcome the more difficult times. Enjoy and Prosper.”

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