Affirmation | The 100 Most Powerful Affirmations for Home Based Business | 2 Amazing Affirmative Bonus Books Included for Success & Investing: Create … and Live With Financial Freedom: Volume 42

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Microsoft Office for Mac Home & Business 2011, 1u, DVD, EN – office suites (1u, DVD, EN, Intel, PC, ENG, Box, Windows Live ID DVD-ROM, Mac OS X v10.5.8+)

Product Features

  • Stay in sync while you stay in touch
  • Work online, from virtually anywhere
  • Collaborate with virtually anyone
  • Perform common tasks-fast
  • Look more professional with every document

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Positive Thinking Hypnosis CD – Live a Happier Life – Become an Optimist and Draw People to You with Your Upbeat Personality


Seeing the glass as half empty all the time can negatively impact your entire life.

Pessimism makes you less attractive to others. It saps you of energy, fills you with worry and keeps you from enjoying true happiness. Negative thinking can even make you reluctant to try and accomplish your goals.

You may think that pessimism is a character trait that you can’t help, but you’re wrong-


Positive Thinking Hypnosis CD helps you become a true optimist by:

★ Silencing the destructive, defeating negative messages that repeat over and over in your subconscious

★ Replacing the negativity with positive, life affirming messages that will help you see the good things

★ Retraining your mind to look for the positive first and to find constructive solutions for addressing the negative instead of just dwelling on it

Transform yourself from a pessimist to an optimist with 3 tracks:

1. Introduction and full explanation of the program

2. Hypnotherapy for daytime

3. Hypnotherapy for night with alternate ending that will help you sleep better as an added bonus


With the program featured on this CD, British hypnotherapist Mark Bowden has helped people all over the world stop negative thinking and become true optimists. Now, he’s allowing you to try it risk free, so that you can improve your life with the power of positive thinking. If you don’t begin to change your outlook and experience fewer negative thoughts, he’ll refund your money.

Become the happy, positive person you’ve always longed to be and reap the benefits in the form of improved relationships and greater success! Order Positive Thinking Hypnosis CD today.

Product Features

  • HYPNOSIS IS SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN Countless studies have validated the use of hypnotherapy to change attitudes and behaviors. Both the British and American Medical Associations endorse hypnosis, attesting to its effectiveness
  • STOP NEGATIVE THINKING WHERE IT STARTS Hypnosis works on your subconscious mind where negative messages originate, quieting them and replacing them with powerful positive thoughts
  • THE SIMPLE WAY TO AFFECT CHANGE Just sit back, listen to the tracks and allow hypnosis to change your life
  • DOUBLE THE SESSIONS With this CD, you get not just one, but two sessions with day and night options (same content, different endings) to fit easily into your schedule
  • DEVELOPED BY A LEADING HYPNOTHERAPIST British hypnotherapist Mark Bowden created this program, which has helped thousands of his patients change their way of thinking and become more positive people. Now, you can use the same method at home!

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