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EASY TO CLEAN CHALK MARKERS in 10 Bright Vibrant Colours – Professional Quality Chalk Pens To Write on Glass, Plastic, Blackboard – Essential Teacher Tools for the Classroom, Use Around the Home, For Weddings and Businesses – Glides On, Wipes Off, Lasts Longer. 100% Non-Toxic, 100% Guaranteed

UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY – Be inspired for professional designs, pub signs, kids creations and fine art.

Original Stationery’s highest quality dry erase chalk markers come with a unique design and smooth flowing drawing quality. Our 5mm bullet tip markers are famous for their premium quality nibs that enable our pens to write the smoothest, most accurate lines, letters and pictures possible.

PERFECT FOR THE CLASSROOM our wet erase pen markers are loved by teachers and students across the UK. BUSINESS OWNERS – up your game with a professional looking sign in the workplace, pub menus, pub signs, café menus, for restaurants, bistros, specials boards. And it doesn’t have to be written on a blackboard – our pens could easily be called chalk pens, glass pens, window pens – they write on it all: windows, fridges, wine glass, mason jars, kilner jars, mirrors, ceramic pots and mugs, plastic pots and containers – perfect for leftovers in the fridge or the kids’ packed lunches.

SPECIAL OCCASIONS – get into the spirit at Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries with temporary creations to celebrate on objects around the home and office. Make announcements fun and unique! Or just leave fun messages on the bathroom mirror!
Products Details.

• 10 Bright Colours per pack – Black, White, Orange, Purple, Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Brown
• Sturdy case – our pens are packed in a well-constructed plastic carry case perfect for storage and travel
• Long lasting ink with bright and vibrant colours
• Neat lines every time, no smudges, mess or bother
• Great for creating the perfect, personalised gift

Loved by graphic designers, artists , business owners and Mums for their bold colours, high quality finish and easy wipe removal.

Product Features

  • BRIGHT, VIBRANT COLOURS – Each pack contains 10 unique colours and each pen contains strong pigment, with intense and concentrated colour that flows like bright paint onto your surface of choice. When the paint is still wet, try mixing the colours to create new ones, and when its dry, overlap and layer them for new effects. 100% Non-toxic and child friendly.
  • FLUID WRITING – Our liquid chalk comes out easily no matter what angle you hold the pen, with a steady flow of ink for smooth writing, no drips, no smudges. Draw flawlessly and continuously, creating smooth, beautiful lettering, designs and Calligraphy. All pens arrive dry. In order to activate them, you need to give it some welly – a good vigorous shake and pumping down on the nib will release the chalk. This ensures the ink is fresh when ready to use and nothing is wasted.
  • REVERSIBLE 5MM NIBS – Two options for precision control and artistic flair. Create different patterns and styles using either the rounded or chiselled tip. Use the thicker, rounded tip for strong lettering and thick lines, and the angled tip for intricate details such as swirls and flourishes. Note: Changing nibs can be messy! But not to worry, hands clean off easily with just water or a tissue.
  • MULTI-SURFACE: Works brilliantly on all non-porous surfaces such as glass, mirrors, metal, plastic, ceramic, whiteboards and blackboards – glides on and wipes off. Also works great on porous surfaces (eg paper, cardboard, blackboard paint) but will be permanent – so make sure you know what your surface is made from! Common hiccups arise when people don’t realise their blackboard is actually just blackboard paint – so patch check first!
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – In the very unlikely event that you do not absolutely love our chalk markers, we’ll refund you the full purchase price NO QUESTIONS ASKED. That’s how confident we are! So add to cart now and buy with confidence.

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Beard Balm – Premium Quality Conditioning Butter For Creating Beard Styles, Goatees, Sideburns + Moustaches – Extra Large 60ml Tub Made In The UK To Improve Growth, Shine And Add Texture To All Beards – 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guaranteed

Do You Want To Style And Sculpt Your Beard?

Would You Like To Nourish And Condition It At The Same Time?

If so Gentlemans Face Care Club beard wax could be the perfect solution for you. Our unique formula is made right here in the UK from a special blend of the purest ingredients so you can be sure of a top quality product.

There is no doubt about it, growing a beard sets you apart from other men and gives you a more rugged, manly appearance. But no matter how great having a beard is, there are still a few problems with owning one…

* It can be annoyingly itchy

* It can grow unevenly, leaving unsightly patches

* It can get knotty and matted so it looks dull and lifeless

By using a top quality intensive beard softener you can avoid these problems completely. A quick application once a day with a beard comb will instantly produce a shiny, manageable and well cared for beard that any man would be proud of.

Not only does this balm moisturise and condition your beard, but unlike beard oil it also helps you to style and shape it too. But that’s not all…

* It’s perfect to use on any length of hair – Designer stubble, moustaches, side burns, a well trimmed goatee beard or bushy mass!

* No more dry skin, itching or irritation – Just one application a day is all it takes

* Our BIG VALUE 60ml size is the largest you can buy on Amazon – A little goes a long way!

* Ideal for those hard to find gifts on birthdays, fathers day and Christmas or just to show him how much you care!

WORRY FREE SHOPPING – Our 100% satisfaction money back guarantee – If there is anything wrong with this beard conditioner in any way, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked – If you’re not totally happy, just let us know about it.

Click the “Add To Basket” button NOW (top right) to get some for yourself and experience the superior quality of our premium beard balm at this great discount price, completely risk free

Product Features

  • GET RID OF BEARD ITCH – By moisturising and nourishing your facial hair daily from root to tip you can stop the constant irritation caused by an annoying itchy beard
  • TAME AND DETANGLE – Just a small thumbnail amount of balm will reduce split ends and remove knots, helping to separate individual hairs so they don’t matt or twist together allowing you to create any beard shaping and style you like
  • IMPROVE GROWTH – The unique blend of ingredients in our quick absorption formula helps to increase the speed of hair growth, reducing the amount of patches on your face and boosting volume – Perfect for any length of beard growth, long or short
  • HEALTHY SHINE – Our highest quality conditioning beard care balm can be left in all day making your beard soft to the touch, reducing dry skin and giving it a fresh, clean feel with a subtle background scent of sweet Sandalwood
  • MADE IN THE UK – Manufactured under strict EU regulations to the highest standards – Extra Large 60ml Tin – Up to 4 times the amount found in many other beard grooming brands

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Purposefull Long Handle Grout Brush – Cleans Grout Easily – Grout Cleaner Tool Makes Short Work Of Grime And Stains – Best Grout Cleaner For Bathrooms And Tiled Floors – Tiles Gleam With No Scrubbing – Sparkling Grout Guaranteed

Fantastic for crevices, delivering gleaming grout every time, this sturdy, long-handle grout cleaner, offers the perfect balance of precision cleaning and extendable reach.

No more kneeling and scrubbing, no more stretching above your head to clean bathroom grout. While there are many DIY grout cleaning systems online, there are relatively few grout cleaners that work and this brush always tops best grout cleaner reviews. Whether for tiled floors, wet rooms or tiled showers, our 2 metre long grout brush is certain to become a permanent fixture in your cleaning kit.

Product Features

  • CLEAN BATHROOMS AND TILE FLOORS – in no time, without stooping
  • STURDY 2 METRE GROUT CLEANER BRUSH HANDLE – allows effortless cleaning from floor to ceiling
  • UNIQUE GROUT CLEANER BRUSH DESIGN – gets even stained grout clean with no scrubbing
  • NO HASSLE 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – our grout brush regularly wins superb grout cleaner reviews so we encourage you to rely on our product guarantee – if you’re not entirely happy with your purchase, simply let us know and we’ll refund you
  • GROUT CLEANER AS SEEN ON TV – proven design and commercial quality bristles ensure clean grout time and after time

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