GET OUT! How To Escape An Abusive Partner & Set Up A Thriving Business From Home Without A Penny – From A Woman Who Did Just That!

In this book you will not find one piece of legal advice. You won’t find long chapters full of garbage because I know that you are probably suffering severe stress and have a low focus threshold.
When I searched for a book to help me in my situation at the time there wasn’t one. Not one that spoke to the situation I was in. This lack of inspiration when I needed it depressed me. It made me feel more isolated as though my situation was hopeless. While there are a million books out there that can talk down to you or clinically explain how to go to a shelter etc etc all of which scare the shit out of us in our situations, there wasn’t one that spoke to me and let me know that they had made it out, on their own and were now living a peaceful life!

I hope this book saves you from the depressing abyss that I felt I was falling into when I needed a step in the right direction.
We don’t need a lecture. We don’t need legal advice. What we need is a very easy workable solution that takes the pressure off us immediately and teaches us how to realistically escape imprisonment.

A self help book should do exactly that. Self help.

What you will find is a clear path trodden by one who has gone before you and who understands the inner and outer war that you are about to end.
This book is not going to be a long drawn out book. It is simple and straightforward and designed so that you and possibly your children also if you have any, can sleep peacefully at night, away from the horror of disempowerment and control and worse at the hands of a controlling abuser.

Who am I and why am I writing this book?
I’m a woman who was in a terrifying situation in life who could see no way out after talking to lawyers, therapists or reading any book.
I understand the complexities your situation may entail and your fears that keep you stuck in a mental and physical prison. The things hidden that perhaps you cannot say or explain to others.
After seeing no way out of my situation, I decided I would invent a path through chaos, pain and living through emotional horror.
I would like you to know that not only did I escape but that I did it while suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and physical injuries. My horror entailed a stroke in front of my two year old and a grief and heartache so bad at my family been torn apart that I went down to 49 pounds. That was just the icing on the cake.
Not only did I succeed in escaping but I excelled.

I hope this book gives strength when you are isolated and penniless and alone.
Right now, your mind, heart and spirit are not seeing clearly. Your emotional state is carrying someone else’s devious illusion within it. You are most likely exhausted and next week, next month, next year whenever it may be, you will be free.

Please remember these two truths that I have learnt.
The most powerful thing we have to change our life is called thought.
I’ve learnt that money or love does not make the world go round.
Thought does.
Thought is your seed to plant for tomorrow’s harvest.
Thought is free and so are you.
If someone asked anyone would they had done today, any person could answer quite truthfully. “I thought.”
You see without realising it, you already have what everyone else has.
I hope this book teaches you something valuable about your relationship with thought and exactly what can be achieved by knowing it’s power.
I’m going to take you from staring daily on your bed at the ceiling trapped in a mental prison and hand you a key. There are probably many keys but this is the one that I discovered and can teach you. Because I have been where you are and now I’m where you want to be. Free.
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