Soap Making: The Complete Beginners Guide To Making Natural Soaps At Home, Plus Simple And Easy DIY Soap Recipes! (Soap Making Advice, Aromatherapy, How To Make Soap Book 1)


The Complete Beginners Guide To Making Natural Soaps At Home, Plus Simple And Easy DIY Soap Recipes!

Do you love artisanal soap but don’t know how to make them? Are you drawn to the luxurious ingredients in homemade soaps and which you knew more about the process? Do you think that making soap at home is messy and too complicated?

Homemade soap doesn’t have to hard to make. It can be easy and fun once you know how to make soap following the simple directions found in this book. In this book, Soap Making: The Complete Beginners Guide to Making Natural Soaps at Home, Plus Simple, and Easy DIY Soap Recipes! You will learn just how easy and enjoyable making soap can be.

You will discover:

  • Fast and easy recipes for making soap at home
  • Simple ingredients that can be found locally
  • Inexpensive methods for making your soap look expensive and artisanal
  • Soap recipes for fighting acne and dry skin
  • Use essential oils to make your skin glow and your complexion radiant

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The Complete Guide to Property Investment: How to survive & thrive in the new world of buy-to-let

From the author of Amazon best-sellers “Property Investment For Beginners” and “Beyond The Bricks” Over the last 20 years, more than a million Brits have made life-changing profits from buy-to-let. But as prices keep rising and the tax landscape changes, investors need to get smarter in order to succeed. It’s far from “game over,” but the game is changing… for the better. The unwary and under-prepared will be squeezed from the market – leaving educated, strategic investors to have their best decade yet. The Complete Guide To Property Investment gives you the insight, information and action plan you need to navigate this new property landscape and come out on top. It starts by demonstrating – with real-life examples – a range of strategies suited to achieving different investment goals. Only then does it take you step by step through every aspect of researching, financing, buying and managing investment properties. You’ll learn: How to formulate a strategy suited to achieving your investment goals Everything you need to know about financing your investments An exact step-by-step research process you can use to decide what to invest in How to manage your investments What the property cycle is, and how you can use it to your advantage How to build a profitable portfolio for the long-term – including scaling up, surviving recessions, and exit strategies. Whether you’re turning to property to secure your retirement, start a new career or generate a stream of passive income, this book will be the most valuable investment you make.

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