Home Inc.: The Business of Buying and Selling a Luxury Home

Home Inc. is a manual of insider secrets in real estate and business, based on recorded interviews with Alex Goldstein and Brian Tracy. Buying a home is the largest financial decision most people will ever make. This book will ensure that your family’s most valuable asset is protected. There’s no fluff here just hard-core strategies from real world trenches: * Effective negotiation tactics that work in both rising and falling markets. * Major changes in the real estate industry that most insiders want to keep a secret. * Practical problem solving techniques that get quick results in real estate, business, and life. * Mistakes to avoid that can put your home in jeopardy, and cost you millions. PLUS: All purchases of the paperback through Amazon can access the Kindle version FREE via Amazon’s MatchBook program.

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Buying a Home: Don’t Let Them Make a Monkey Out of You!: 2017 Edition

The best selling book for homebuyers has been updated for 2017. Learn how to buy a house without getting ripped off! Alysse Musgrave, the owner of one of the country’s oldest and most successful Exclusive Buyer Agencies, shows you how to avoid the financial traps and pitfalls that the real estate and mortgage industries have set for you.
In Buying a Home: Don’t Let Them Make a Monkey Out of You, you will learn, in a clear and concise way:

• How to analyze floor plans
• The trick to buying a home with great resale potential
• The truth about real estate agents
• How to fire your agent
• All about FSBO’s, foreclosures, new construction and MLS listed homes
• What to look for when touring homes
• The four most common negotiating strategies
sellers use when responding to buyer offers • The one thing more important to a seller than price
• How to write an offer that protects you
• What repairs to request from the seller
• How to force your loan officer to give you accurate pricing information and avoid a bait and switch at the closing table
• Homeowner scams
• All about mortgages, home warranties, homeowner’s insurance, title insurance, and much more.

In a real estate transaction the buyer assumes all of the risk. The seller walks away from the property and is free of any obligation or responsibility. The buyer pays for inspections, appraisals, closing costs, and ends up with the house and a mortgage.

At best, buying a home is a complicated process. At worst, it can be an emotional and financial nightmare. Not only do you have to find a house that you love, you have to verify its condition, negotiate a good price, figure out how to pay for it, insure it, move in, all the while ensuring you are buying a home that you will be able to resell for a profit when the time comes. The list of things to consider is seemingly endless.

The sensible information you’ll find in this book is unlike anything you have read online or in any other real estate book. Buying a home is a complicated process, and this book simplifies it. You will learn how to make smart choices when you purchase your next home, and how to recognize fraud when you see it!

Don’t let them make a monkey out of you!

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Home Buying

Do you want to buy a house? Do you have the necessary money in the bank? If you are like most people, probably not. Banks and other financial institutions are often sought for loans for the purchase of a home. If these institutions were not around to anticipate money from home, the certain rents market would appreciate.

This book explains how the credit funds make the purchase of a house possible for many people. We discover all the fees and types of loans available, and find out the real cost of a loan.

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