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Home Business Ideas: 20 Legitimate Home Based Business and 10 to avoid

Valuable resource for anyone thinking of starting a business from home

There are many reasons why someone would want to start a home based business. Perhaps they simply need to increase their income or maybe they are a stay at home mom who needs a challenge. There are others who simply hate their jobs and seek a work at home business as an opportunity to eventually escape the frustration they feel. For what ever reason you are thinking about starting a full or part time home business you have one


decision to make, what is the best work at home opportunity for you.

Legitimate work home jobs

There are no shortage of business opportunities advertised on the Internet and in the press, but how can you tell which are legitimate? Some offer a genuine chance of success whilst others are honest but offer little real chance of making money. Sadly many are simply scams run by people who are happy to take your money but offer little or nothing in return. How can you tell which is the genuine article and who are the sellers of snake oil?

Work at home jobs

There are two types of work at home jobs those were you actually work for someone else such as any Multilevel Marketing or Party Plan. Alternatively you can start your own full or part time home based business but the question is which business is best suited to your knowledge, skills and talent. There are also two other points you need to consider, how much time can you spend on a new business and how much will it cost to set up.

Home Business Ideas is not a “How To” book

This book is not a step by step guide to setting up a home based business but more of a guide book pointing you to opportunities that are there for anyone wanting to start their own home based enterprise. It gives an overview of 20 businesses and guides you in the direction of further in depth information. The author also discusses 10 so called “opportunities” that should either be avoided or approached with some caution. The information in this book is particularly relevant for readers from the USA, Canada and UK but most of the information can be applied to most areas of the world.

About the Author

David Bromley ran his own business for over 25 years and has written hundreds of articles and reviews on the subject of business opportunities. For over 5 years he was the regular columnist on Money Master magazine before becoming its Editor and Publisher in 2005. Since retiring from business he has written two books on the subjects of Starting a Home Based Business and Time Management both available on Amazon.

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