Start your own business Jobs Suck: An entrepreneur’s guide to starting a home based business with no nonsense, real vocational guidance

This book is an honest look into opportunities and the real picture of corporate America. Most jobs suck for many factors. Let me ask you have you ever worked at a company that has horrible management? The kind of manager that has no idea what’s happening yet they keep their job? The corporate world has become a common dumping ground for the “it wasn’t me” business person, no one wants to be accountable for their actions anymore or the results, well unless there good results.

the best book you’ll read this year, now the title jobs suck is properly named. I’m giving you a real a brutal look at the ridiculous circumstances most of the world has to endure to support their families. There are an insane amount of nut job bosses, incompetent managers in the work place are a modern day epidemic, and it’s out of control. I truly believe as human being we aren’t meant to spend our earthly existence in a cubicle. It’s unnatural, hey people protest that having animals in Zoos is not natural yet you want and expect me to sit in a small box most of my days doing some repetitive unfulfilled and mundane task. I think not, in Jobs suck we look at the current realty of our modern society and we also get into real world, real time solutions for the person who knows that they want and deserve more.

Hey if you love cube life or being micromanaged this may not be the book for you. This isn’t for everybody if you like 30 minute lunches and having 5 days off per year. Please stop reading this isn’t for you my friend, go check out a book in the stress management section or a cook book in the 30 minute meals quick fix section. But if you like the idea of having more control over your income Keep read on. It’s a big beautiful world out there. I can’t express that enough there is literally tons of opportunity, you’re an adult and I intended to see that you are professionally treated like one. No more asking to pee take breaks or kissing up someone that doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

The world of the entrepreneur if the world of self-appointment, there is no one to telling you what they think you do and don’t deserve. There are people attempt to hold you back for the sheer fact of they have nothing else better to do. Business can be a cold world, a company wouldn’t think twice about cutting labor. Don’t be hesitant about making your life better and earning more money! Everyone is their own CEO.

Hey look we all go to school as children to become adult get a job/ career and live our lives. We all went through years of being told what time to be someone where, when to eat, when to use restrooms and take breaks, we had to ask permission for everything. Fast forward after years of high school, college and for few people add on a few extra graduations for my advanced degree holders. You’re off to the real world. Where the vicious cycle beings rinse and repeat. This book is anti micromanagement I’d say.

The top 11 things you’ll get from this book will be

1. Uncovering new and business opportunities that you may have previously over looked
2. Tips on how to transition from a 9-5 to the entrepreneurial life style.
3. How to combine marketing Technics to grow your business.
4. Action steps to getting the ball rolling on your journey.
5. A close look at business structures to form a company.
6. Motivational tips to keep you focused on the big picture.
7. An in-depth look at procrastination and recommendations on overcoming daily distractions
8. Discover how some of these seemingly large companies are really one person operations & how you can do it too.
9. Tap into the world of outsourcing
10. Learn how to patiently deal with those who will discourage you on your journey without losing focus.
11. Top marketing strategies to help you leverage and grow your business quickly.

Quote in from the book.” In life there are great opportunities, and then there are opportunities you do great things with”.

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