Start a Home SEO Business & Make Monthly Recurring Income

Make Money From Home By Selling SEO

Have you ever thought about starting your own SEO business?

Is it the idea of having monthly recurring income or the idea of being your own boss and getting to work from anywhere, that excites you?

Either way, you’re in the right place! In this book, I cover how to successfully run a home SEO business whether you want to provide SEO services yourself or if you want to outsource the work.

Inside You’ll Learn:

  • 4 different ways to make money with SEO
  • How to get started even if you don’t know how to do SEO
  • How to upsell your customers for maximum profits
  • Over 11 ways to find new customers and everything you need to be successful
  • The secrets to determining your prices

  • “This book is chalk full of helpful guidelines to become SEO Freelancer.Tons of great information in this book. I especially like the layout. It was easy to follow and understand.” – John

    By the end of this book you’ll be ready to start accepting your first clients and to begin collecting your first monthly recurring income.

    SEO is a billion dollar industry…

    …and it’s only getting bigger. So now is the time to get started in this business to make sure you can start profiting from it.

    “A great resource for SEO and optimizing home business. If you are seeking applicable and practical strategies for income development, this is it. It’s a tremendous and easy-to-apply book for anybody. I suggest giving it a read, as I’m positive most people will learn a lot. Definitely a lot of info I didn’t know.” – Marshall Hanks

    I’ve been working in the web design and SEO field for quite some time now and for the past decade I’ve owned my own business providing these services.

    Now I’m here to “take you by the hand” and “behind the scenes” to show you exactly what works to in the search engine optimization business to make the most money.

    Together we will discuss 4 different ways you can make money in the SEO field so you can diversify your income or explore new options you may not have thought of.

    This book will not teach you SEO as there are plenty of amazing free resources available to do that (which I will show you in this book in case you don’t have experience yet but would still like to start a home SEO business). It will, however, show you exactly how to use your SEO knowledge to generate monthly recurring revenue doing a job you love from anywhere in the world!

    Free Book Bonuses

    As a bonus you’ll receive two free bonuses to enjoy:

    • Sample search engine optimization business documents and templates that you can use in your business.
    • Access to a free step-by-step video course on how to set-up your own SEO business websites with WordPress with absolutely no coding required!

    Every moment you delay you’re losing money you could be earning. Buy this book now and increase your income

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