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A video circulating online of a Cleveland, Ohio beauty salon fight has a community DISGUSTED after a woman was brutalized over a disagreement in service by several hairstylists, including the male hair salon owner at “Iconic Stylezz”.

I saw that video of that "Iconic Stylez" dude and those other stylists jumping that woman, and I'm absolutely disgusted. This man proceeded to literally rip a woman's wig out of her head as she got jumped. I hope his shop gets shut down, and she sues.

–; 🖤 (@TinaLaBang) June 22, 2020

The shop owner named Charles aka Iconic Stylezz is seen trying to rip out a sewn-in hair weave off of a woman as another employee is brutally pummelling the woman in the face in the clip. The client is begging for help, with no one in the salon breaking up the fight, just jumping in to hurt her.

According to an anonymous witness who didn’t want to be identified, the salon melee started over a $75 disagreement. The witness claims that the client had waited 9 hours to have her hair done and after a series of unprofessional microaggressions experienced during her visit, she demanded a discount for the poor service. Allegedly she was giving the ultimatum of paying as the salon doors were blocked off. After arguing for a few minutes the attack started.

What REALLY HAPPENED at Iconic Stylezz salon ☕

–; Inmafeelins (@Inmafeelins) June 22, 2020

What REALLY HAPPENED at Iconic Stylezz salon ☕ #iconicstylezz PART 2

–; Inmafeelins (@Inmafeelins) June 22, 2020

I went to iconic stylez they threaten to ripped my hair too. WEAK ASSES I called the bbb on them. They dirty & unprofessional as fuck I”;m not even from Cleveland & got treated like that verbally but my dad made sure that fa*** & them whores aint touch me or they was gon get shot

–; Lay ☠ (@layyyyylol__) June 22, 2020

*Trigger warning the salon fight clip is gruesome!*

Folks in the community are asking for the salon to be put out of business ASAP. We put the clip of the actual altercation on the next page. Hit the flip to see it at your own discretion.

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