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Trey Songz has been doing his part recently, using his platform to bring attention to social issues, but this latest one is a wild one.

Trey tapped into his following to tell a story for someone who may not have the same platform in an effort to get justice, which is quite literally the most heroic thing anyone can do. On his Instagram, Trey told the story of Yahne Coleman, a Black Philidelphia 76er dance line member, and the outright disgusting racism she is enduring while chasing her dreams.

The abuse she received came from her fellow dance partners who made fun of her black features in group chats, also sending her threatening videos. This is even more horrific when you factor in that these are her coworkers, people she travels around the world with, and people who are, in part, trusted to keep her safe. This just isn’t the movie Mean Girls, this is extreme racism that eventually evolves to physically harming someone.

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This is Annie Weiss @annieeff her business is @mommycanyou. Trying to be cute for her white counterparts she mistook herself for someone I would let ride. Her cheering coach who allowed this behavior is @dayna_hafetz Lara Price COO of 76ers business operations allowed this as well, vowing to look into it but instead @yahneofficial was “;cast away”; Everyone who thought it was so funny is tagged 😆

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The main person at the front of the abuse and the main antagonist is Annie Weisswas, who is also a woman of color. According to Deadspin, Coleman made everyone aware of her abuse with little to nothing being done to help.

“;I was scared to release this because I was bullied and racially targeted by my 76ers NBA teammates at the time. I went to my coach Dayna and the Sixers organization crying for help so many times and nothing was ever done.

“;When I auditioned for my fourth year, this group of girls called me the night before on the phone saying, your BLACK a** will not be coming back.”;

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Mann the things they come up with when you expose they ass! 😂😂😂 “;Annie are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay Annie?”; 🥺🤣

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After being exposed, Weisswas decided to slide into Trey’s DMs to defend herself with a pitiful excuse for her racism. People exposing themselves with ugly displays of racism followed by a half-a** apology once they go viral, and of course the comments turned off, is nothing new. In this case, she cleared her profile and left a list of black creatives to follow up on her page, which is almost an insult after the shocking video.

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