With colleges and universities around the nation now engaged in online or remote learning and working, many find themselves in need of tools designed specifically for the purpose. Replacing in-person learning activities, after all, is no small task. It requires high-quality communication technology that is easy to use and doesn”;t break the bank.

The Nuance Dragon Bluetooth Wireless Headset is a good example. Designed for accurate speech recognition, this tiny, over-the-ear headset can also host calls, conferences or any activity where clear communication matters.

Device setup is nearly instantaneous because the pairing of the device with its communications dongle is already done. As soon as you plug the dongle into a computer or laptop, you can start using the headset.

The Dragon headset weighs only a few ounces, and it”;s much lighter than headphone models that go over both ears. Once you have the microphone positioned in front of your mouth properly, it remains in place even if you walk around the room.

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Controlling the headset is easy thanks to a single button that drives most functions. For example, if you have it attached to a platform like Skype, it only takes a single tap to answer a call. The same button can also mute the device.

In testing, the connection between the headset and the dongle sitting in a laptop was strong, as was any direct connection made from the headset to a smartphone. In each case, there was no signal breakup when walking as far as 30 feet from the connected device. And, because the headset uses a direct Bluetooth connection instead of Wi-Fi, it”;s not hindered by an overly taxed wireless network.

Adding a wireless headset for distance learning or other educational and business activities –; such as dictating papers, writing email or simply talking with others –; has never been easier. The Nuance Dragon Bluetooth Wireless Headset is a great tool that is ready to go right out of the box.

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