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Lil Kim and Mr. Papers are back together, in case you missed their memo. The couple reunited after splitting for nearly 5 years it seems and not they’re ready to jump on the OnlyFans platform to get a check together Lil Kim revealed. The Queen Bee is in “talks” she says, with the platform about how she and her “hubby” can work with them.

“We are a freaky, kinky couple, we LOVE it and we just love just love having fun. And we’re in talks with them [OnlyFans]. They reached out to me a while ago and it wasn’t time. Now it makes senes with me and my hubby.”

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Lil Kim and her hubby getting an OnlyFans 👀😳👀😳👀😳👀 . Y”;all dipping into the baby college”;s fund money to see a lil sumn?????

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Earlier this week, the couple seemed to officially announce they were back on track relationship-wise after threatening each other on Instagram. Papers wrote, “If you cheat b*tch, I’ll kill you” to Lil Kim in his IG stories, alarming her fans.

Lil Kim and Papers have already shared some “freaky” PDA on his page. He posted this video of them entangling tongues…

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@lilkimthequeenbee My Queen 😍💦😋

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Are YOU interested in seeing Lil Kim and her Honduran hubby get it on behind the OnlyFans paywall?

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