Whitney Hanson is one of six children. Growing up she watched her father start a business, watched it fail, and watched him turn destructive, eventually leaving her mother to raise six kids on her own – all while making $7.25 an hour.

Whitney has seen the ugly side of money – and what can happen when you have none – and decided she wanted no part of it. Money equals options, and she wanted as many options as she could get!

She began to research how to build wealth, because she did not want to perpetuate the cycle of poverty. She knew she wanted to go to college, but also knew she”;d have to find a way to pay for it. Rather than taking out tons of student loans, Whitney went through a 3-month cosmetology program starting the day after she graduated high school, and used the money she made as a nail technician to pay for college.

Because she values financial stability over everything else, she bought a house when she turned 19 – and house hacked by renting two rooms to friends to help with the mortgage.

Upon graduating college, she realized she had taken out $30,000 in student loans that now had to be paid back. Rather than allow it to rule her life, she cut out everything and worked a second job in order to knock out her debt – in 10 months!

Whitney knew she had figured out how to lead a healthy financial life – and was eager to help others solve their own financial struggles. She started a coaching program to help financially empower people, and help them navigate the beginning stages of their financial journey.

Whitney”;s story is 100% repeatable for anyone listening. She came from nothing, and made it on her own.

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