One of the standout aspects of Steve Bannon”;s We Build the Wall/GoFundMe money laundering indictment is that one of the other men indicted, Brian Kolfage, is a Trump boating enthusiast who seems to have used almost $1 million of the ill-gotten Wall funds to buy a boat for himself. The boat was seen participating in one of the not-actually-popular but headline-grabbing Trump boat parades. These parades were organized by Florida man Carlos Gavidia.

Guess what? Gavidia is expected to be charged with a felony for sending a threatening text to a neighbor. According to The Palm Beach Post, Gavidia is expected to surrender to Palm Beach authorities on Tuesday morning. Gavidia reportedly says his threatening text was in self-defense, due to harassment he has received because of his support of Donald Trump.

According to the Post, Gavidia is a member of the “;Trump Victory Finance political action committee, a major fund-raising arm for the president”;s re-election.”; Gavidia and his wife had seats at the Republican National Convention propaganda film shot at the White House in August. However, like all Trump associates involved in potential criminal activity, Gavidia is the victim here. He”;s the special snowflake. “;Sometimes I regret even wrapping the boat and starting this nationwide movement because I got a target on my back,”; Gavidia said. “;Everybody wants to make Trump look bad. Unfortunately, I took a stand and I even took a bigger stand when I got ridiculed.”;

Gavidia has the kind of wild history one would expect from someone with money who”;s connected to Trump, lives in Florida, and came up with boat parades for Trump. According to the Post, Gavidia claimed that hydroxychloroquine saved his life when he contacted COVID-19 during a ski trip to Colorado.

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