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We are sad to report that Trina, our beloved baddest b*** and someone we have rode out for and loved forever is out here looking like big trash. She went on the radio this morning and was furious. Was she upset over the killing of George Floyd? Eh…maybe? Was she furious about videos of police assaulting peaceful protesters? Not particularly.

Trina, instead, was upset at the protesters who were “looting” and her friend’s business that got messed up. She went on her radio show with Trick Daddy and blasted Black people like Trina Lahren. Trick Daddy even tried to be the voice of reason.

Trina girl your canceled, this why Khia be eating your ass up now. pic.twitter.com/eKCgWYJV17

–; . (@itsjmo_) June 3, 2020

Trina called protesters “animals” and even went the black on black crime route while Trick tried to set her straight.

The entire video clip is even more disgusting. Trina is a self absorbed, insensitive, ditzy ass BITCH.

Whew Trina girl. Miami gonna eat your simple ass up and I can”;t wait.

1/2 pic.twitter.com/Eu0alViL30

–; Suge Bright (@BRedLove) June 3, 2020

She took the internet beating and tried to go to Twitter to defend herself, only looking sillier in the process.

The problem is with some of y”;all y”;all don”;t wanna hear the truth. Well y”;all can be mad ! Y”;all should put that anger and frustration into doing something better. Instead of talking shit about people

–; TRINA (@TRINArockstarr) June 3, 2020

The second part is even worse. Trina is having a mid life coon crisis. pic.twitter.com/bN76TDgxMA

–; Burn EVERYTHING (@PopiTaylor) June 3, 2020

The internet totally blasted her, dragging her to the pits of hell and back.

Trina “;I have my license and registration! I know my rights”;

Cops pic.twitter.com/24whgCdDwh

–; Vani Uzumaki 🇯🇲 (@uhh_tweakin) June 3, 2020

Hit the flip and see how ugly it got.

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