Money: Get Money, Think Money, Attract Money (Mind Tricks Book 2)

Program Your Subconscious Mind with these Easy and Powerful Techniques

It does not matter what your current situation is. The money in your bank account at this moment is a reflection of the Old You.
What does matter are your thoughts and feelings towards money and abundance right now, at this very moment. Many people who are in a state of “lack” are unaware of the roots behind their current situation. The Subconscious mind controls the majority of our lives; unfortunately this mysterious part of our mind does not come with a guide on what is currently implanted in our daily routine thinking patterns, and furthermore, many are unaware of how to even change the course of thinking which is already set in place.
As a result, many people continue living their lives whining and complaining about how broke they are, or how little they have, and continue on further by wishing things were different, and wishing they had more money.

Little do many know, that they should stop wishing, as this will only keep them separated from the place in which they truly want to be.
Rather than wishing your money situation was better, learn how you can get better, and watch the money flow effortlessly as a result.

You will be able to gain control over your life and begin to truly manifest your dreams. The Law of Attraction will finally click once you apply the Tricks in this guide.
By consistently applying the methods in this book, you will become the person you want to be and more. The tricks in this book will resonate and penetrate the limiting barriers which are currently preventing you from reaching your unlimited potential.
The goal of this book is to replace limited thinking with limitless beliefs…Taken from the very Best of the Best, the techniques found in this book are extremely unique (harmless, yet weird) and are the TOP PICKS out of thousands upon thousands of methods applied.
You are here for a reason, you have found the book which will move you.

Our minds are more powerful than the most complex computer imaginable; when used correctly, we can manifest all of our desires. This book will show you how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest all of your heart’s desires. This book was written under specific guidelines, designed to positively transform your mindset towards abundance and prosperity.

Brendan William has enjoyed spending the past 12 years studying different topics such as motivation, habits, goal- setting, addictions, finance, procrastination, confidence, meditation and much more, the Author narrows in on the topic of money. Unveiling methods he has personally used to improve his financial situation.

Shedding a new light on Law of Attraction and Manifestation, with techniques which WORK from fields of:

  • NLP
  • Meditation Methods
  • Affirmations/Afformations/Incantations
  • This Book could prove to be worth all the money your heart desires and more….

    In order to start attracting money, you MUST get into a Money MINDSET that allows Money to come to you in greater amounts, in less time.

    Influenced by all of the Greats including Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, W. Clement Stone, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn as well as modern day LIFE CHANGERS such as Tony Robbins, Rhonda Byrne, Brian Tracy, Oprah, Kelly Howell, Paul McKenna, Eddie Coronado, Richard Dotts…this book puts a new MONEY twist on all of the success methods.

    • The Focus Wheel
    • EFT
    • Subliminal Tricks to Pull on yourself
    • Tricks on Self-Hypnosis
    • The Role Playing Game
    • The Smelling Approach
    • …and much much more

    The entire Mind Trick books series is aimed at improving the lives of others.
    This book could prove to be invaluable to you.

    Brendan William is an avid Law of Attraction Practitioner, EFT coach, as well as a Mentor to many in the realm of positively transforming their lives.

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