Microsoft Office Professional, 2013, License Card, 1 User (PC)

Microsoft 269-16093 – MS OFFICE 2013 PROFESSIONAL 1PC MLK

Product Features

  • 269-16093

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2 Responses to Microsoft Office Professional, 2013, License Card, 1 User (PC)

  1. UK Couple says:

    Good, but there are problems… The last version of Microsoft Word I used was the XP version from 2002 so I was keen to try this latest version.An annoyance straight away was once I had downloaded and burnt the disc image to DVD there is no option to just install the programs and/or features you want. You have to have them all or nothing, making the install very bloated if you are only wanting to use a couple of the programs. Like wise you can only un-install the lot or nothing, with the exception of SkyDrive…

  2. Long-Suffering Technology Consumer says:

    If you already have Office 2010: not worth the time, effort or money to upgrade… …especially if you have to pay the full retail price. Office 2013 does not offer enough improvements to take on the hassle of moving to the new version (which I deliberately did not call “upgrading”). If you are already using the Office 2010 suite, deliberate carefully about both the cash outlay and the tweaking it will take to get you back to the customizations you like.Three stars if this is your initial Office version.I installed Office 2013 Professional on an ASUS…

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