Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 – Licence Key (PC)

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 Win English EuroZone 1 License Medialess 79G04369 Software Office Software

Product Features

  • Get started quickly with updated versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote
  • Create and organize faster with time-saving features
  • All the tools you know and love
  • Download and boost your productivity today

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2 Responses to Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 – Licence Key (PC)

  1. Maesie says:

    A refreshing update So if you’re like me and love Microsofts office suite, but were pretty peeved off regarding the subscription based ‘Office 365’ you’ll be glad to know that in Office 2016, you buy it and you own it.A truly powerful experience that has a seamless interface, matched with well thought out menus which are easy to navigate. Creating professional looking documents has never been easier.Whether for work, school, you cannot go far wrong at this price for some powerful…

  2. LMASK6 says:

    A better buy than Office 365! I am completely happy with my purchase which does everything I need it to on my Windows 8.1 laptop and HP wireless printer!Some years ago I had Office Home and Student 2010 for my Windows 7 laptop which was also good product..I made the big mistake (nothing to do with this purchase) in November 2014 of purchasing Office 365 and was disgusted when going to renew that they want your credit card or PayPal details not only for that transaction but to keep on their file to…

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