Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 – Licence Key (Mac)

Microsoft Office Mac Home and Student 2016 English EuroZone 1 License Medialess GZA00695 Software Office Software

Product Features

  • Office 2016 for Mac versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook
  • For one Mac (Mac OS X 10.10)
  • Easily save your documents online with free OneDrive online storage, available for all OneDrive users
  • Note: Does not include Publisher or Access

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3 Responses to Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 – Licence Key (Mac)

  1. Matt Neville says:

    Don’t bother if you already have Office 2011 OK, I don’t normally write reviews but for this I felt I needed to. I have waited a long time for an Office update from mac and whilst superficially it looks nice and is now in sync with the PC version look, the excel version at least, is terrible to use and is really not worth the money if you already have Office 2011 for Mac, especially if you are a power user of excel. It is still only 32bit, it is slow, buggy, you can no longer customize the Ribbon. The visual changes are just…

  2. gottoberight says:

    Released ahead of completion On installation it had to be the worst piece of software I had ever used. The previous version was fine, but this was clearly released with so many flaws it was virtually a beta version. I contacted Microsoft and the person I spoke to was aware of the issues and advised that an update was imminent, later that day, to rectify the majority of the problems.The update finally arrived nearly three weeks later and has indeed cleared up a lot of the inherent flaws. For this reason I have posted…

  3. John Williams says:

    Some significant problems Seems a slightly slicker version but not actually all that different to 2011. Was hoping it would fix some glitches I was seeing while editing my book manuscript but it didn’t. It has actually introduced some pretty major problems for me. Firstly it sits there using 60% of CPU even when I’m not doing anything. Secondly in the print dialogue it takes up to 10 seconds to enter the page range to print when the preview is enabled. And every time you type another digit of the page number it hangs…

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