Let’s Make Money, Honey!: Screw the “money mindset” thing & get some cash flow already

Stressed about money? Wondering why other people seem to make money easily, but you don’t? We’re told we have to get rid of our “limiting beliefs,” fix our “money mindset” and do all kinds of other stuff to “attract” money and abundance. And we’re encouraged to follow the gurus who have the “step-by-step blueprint” to “financial freedom.” You know what? It’s all BALONEY. There’s a secret to money that no one has ever told you — until now. It’s time for you to have a completely different experience of money: one that’s creative, fun and freeing. Let’s make money, honey!

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2 Responses to Let’s Make Money, Honey!: Screw the “money mindset” thing & get some cash flow already

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lucky enough to be given access to this lovely little book full of golden nuggets early, I have had a couple of weeks enjoying, whilst noticing, the change in my relationship to money. Things that made sense for so many of years of my life just don’t make sense anymore. Why would I even think that someone else should know how I am able to make money better than me? What works for someone else is simply that, what works for someone else! Looking back, I have always had money when I have…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I spent years trying to change my money ‘mind-set’ – to ‘install’ a millionaire mind – to get rid of all my negative beliefs around money – to improve my relationship with money – following all the wealth ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’ advice – and nothing worked for me. The only time I made more money was when I was thinking about something else – when I was doing things I loved doing – for the enjoyment of doing those things. This book is all about why the same thing happens for so many of us…

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