Learning To Sail (Dual Pack) – Two Handed. Save Money with this Dual Pack.

This Dual Pack is the combination of our Introduction To Sailing and Learn To Sail Two Handed DVDs. At £30 it saves you £10 from buying the DVDs individually. The DVDs cover the basic steps and manoeuvres you need to start sailing a two handed dinghy.

There are 13 easy to understand training videos covering the basics you should understand before going out on the water and all the skills you need out on the water.Preview clips available on the sailaboat website:

Know Your Boat and Knots
– Your Sailing Environment, Safety and Rules
– Rigging and Reefing
– Points of Sailing
– Six Essentials
– Pontoon Launching and Recovery
– Beach Launching
– Beach Recovery
– Your First Sail
– How to Tack
– How to Gybe
– Dealing with a Capsize
– Asymmetric Spinnaker Sailing

Different training and filming techniques have been used such as animated graphics, slow motion and unique on-board camera footage. When brought together, these really make the videos a strong learning experience.

Watch the DVDs before you go out on your first sail, attend sailing lessons/courses or go on a sailing holiday. You may also find them useful as a refresher if you have previously learnt the sailing skills but need a reminder.

Also included on the DVDs is a Glossary and a printable script of each video.

Other DVDs in this series are: Introduction To Sailing: Learn To Sail – Single Handed: Learn To Sail – Two Handed and Learning To Sail (Dual Pack) – Single Handed

All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, renting, public performance and broadcasting of these DVDs is prohibited. These DVDs must not be used by persons under 18 except with the consent of an adult/guardian. It is intended as very general guidance. It is not a substitute for attending a suitable professional training course and taking any other necessary professional instruction. We cannot guarantee that the content is accurate or up to date. You rely on it at your own risk.

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