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Dave Chappelle really gave us a gift. He released a new special at the dead of night on Netflix and Youtube called “8:46” about George Floyd and the craziness going on in the country and the world. It’s a deep, poignant, unreal 27-minute special that everyone is moved by.

He also sprinkled in some laughs here and there. One of the funniest bits was his comments on Candace Owens and Laura Ingraham. He ROASTED the hell out of Candace, saying that “;She”;s the worst, I can”;t think of a worse way to make money, she”;s the most articulate idiot I”;ve ever seen in my f**** life.”;

Dave Chappelle fires back at Candace Owens for trying to convince people George Floyd is a criminal

–; gifdsports (@gifdsports) June 12, 2020

Whoo buddy. That’s not it.

Imagine being Candace Owens getting woken out your sleep by texts and calls to hop on youtube at 3:08am to see perhaps the most iconic comedian of the past 20 yrs saying that your soul is disgusting and you probably got the fishcakes

–; Aye throw that Boyz II Men on (@DragonflyJonez) June 12, 2020

She talked about Owens’ “stinky p***.” It was glorious. The internet went crazy over it. Hit the flip and see…

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