A celebrity hairstylist knows people are none too pleased to see him work with a perpetually problematic racist, and he’s issuing a response.

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Legendary🦍 @iam_deor_ I either Have 3 moods with Him lol 😒😩🤪

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Jonathan Wright, Megan the Stallions’s “frennnnn”/the acclaimed hairstylist to stars, proudly posted a video yesterday of him slaying the wig install of mega-beauty influencer Jeffree Star who boasts 15 million followers on Instagram.

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Stop Playing With @jeffreestar You know he had To Get that touch from Me TheWrightWay🔥🔥🌺 Rate this Look 1-10😍🌸🌺 MUA @boomkackmua 🔥🌸🌷 The Grind Don”;t Stop 💰

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The only problem is that Jeffree has a sordid history of racism and threats of violence against black women in particular. He allegedly called makeup guru Jackie Aina a “gorilla” and a “rat” and allegedly threatened physical violence against MakeupShayla. Moreover, he’s been accused on multiple occasions of using the n-word (with the hard ER) and was forced to apologize after evidence surfaced. Most recently Morphe Cosmetics cut ties with Starr after black beauty influencers including Jackie and Alissa Ashley said they’d no longer associate with the brand.

Always & Forever 💖 pic.twitter.com/OwYy89rHj9

–; Jeffree Star (@JeffreeStar) July 22, 2020

According to Jonathan Wright, he made a whopping $20,0000 from working with the melted-lace mayo and he needs that money for himself and his two “kids”, his pet monkeys Deor and Frenn.

“$20,000 for 1 day I can care who TF it is I’ll do Trump hair I’m secure my bag every time,” wrote the hairstylist in his comments section on IG.

“Listen here 1 thing about Jonathan is I’m a real life go getter I’m out here hustling and growing and I came from none,” he added in a since-deleted post. “So I be damn if I pass up 20,000$ to feed my family because MFs feel they too goof or because how someone else feel I rather experience myself.”

He added in the caption;

“I’m gone always secure the bag you gotta know and I’m a single father of 2.”

I see.

Jonathan also added in another post “Get that bread, do that head, then leave”…

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Lol Peace Out

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and added a video of Jeffree flipping his hot pink bundles.

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@jeffreestar Killing these Looks with no Effort🌸🌸 💸 The Grind Don”;t Stop🌸 Drop a 🌸🌸 if you Like I Thought a Mf that ain”;t getting Paid 20k in a Day said Some🌸🌸

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Jonathan clearly feels like his pockets matter more than public perception, he’s also the hairstylist whose been melting Tekashi 6ix9ine’s rainbow bundles and he recently worked with Doja Cat despite both of them being “cancelled.”

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Which Look Was y”;all”;s Favorite? @6ix9ine Drop the Emoji 1)🌈🌈 2)🍡🍡 3)🌶🌶 4🟢🔵 5)🤍🌈 6)🍋🍆

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@dojacat Fresh Oranges Pleaseeee 🍊🍊🔥 Drop 🍊🍊🍊 if I Killed this Look MUA @mugopus 🍊 Wig @kendrasboutique 🍊

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Several people are defending Jonathan and noting that they too would accept the $20,000 especially amid a pandemic.

What do YOU think about Jonathan Wright working with Jeffree Star???

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