Reaching out to mid to large size ecommerce businesses and agencies. What is the biggest problem you are currently facing? I am aiming to solve that, for free. I'm a computer engineering student with experience in ecommerce, currently looking for a project for my final year. It is a thin window in my life and a golden opportunity for you to have multiple months of development work to create a bespoke software tool totally for free.

The proposition is win win. Everything I”;m offering will not cost you a penny/cent as I will benefit in another way which will be explained shortly.

How you benefit:

You could have a nagging issue with your business (or your clients) that needs a software solution. Or you may see a way to increase profits in your business but don”;t have the time or resource to create a software tool that would allow this.

Perhaps you manage many SKUs and want to track changes in PPC performance changes as a result of modifying elements of your product listing. Perhaps you have stock prediction issues. There are hundreds of ways to increase margin, there must be times where you think “;if only I could only I had a tool that…;”;.

I am offering to create a software tool for you for free as part of my university degree. As a brand this can be directly implemented in your business or as an agency this can be white labelled at a big discount.

There are always holes needing plugs in business, usually it costs a lot for bespoke plugs to be made.

This can be a complex tool, the more complex the better my grade will be.

How I benefit:

I will have ownership of the proprietary software tool (of course your copy is yours and free for you/ or at least highly discounted if you are any agency whereby your clients pay full price to you), and I will sell this tool to other businesses in similar situations to yourself.

For any software tool I need data, the data you provide (to solve your challenge/increase your margins) would allow me to make my tool. I”;m quite happy to sign any kind of privacy agreement.

I get a great result in my degree and finish university with a good side income from my software tool.


Computer engineering student with experience in ecommerce, committed to completing my degree to a high standard.

My project co-ordinator is a university professor with 30 years”; experience in software engineering, she specialises in machine learning / AI. I Can provide all details and arrange 2 or 3 way call with you me her, and give any other details required.

My business partner/ non-academic mentor has 12 years software developing experience, and has been project lead on mid-size projects in the past.

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