The NeverTrump Lincoln Project released a gross anti-Trump ad July 1, mocking the phony claim that Russian President Vladimir gave President Donald Trump his endorsement for 2020.

What hypocrites.

The New York Post revealed in a new report that the founders of the Lincoln Project have “;their own checkered dealings with Russia and the tax man.”; Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver, “;registered as a Russian foreign agent for uranium conglomerate TENEX in a six-figure deal last year,”; according to filings with the Department of Justice obtained by The Post.

TENEX”;s parent company Rosatom, is a “;Russian state-owned corporation that also owns Uranium One,”; according to The Post. Uranium One is “;the company that paid Bill Clinton $500,000 in speaking fees and millions to the Clinton Foundation after then-President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed off on the controversial merger in 2010.”;

Weaver reportedly “;backed out of the lobbying gig in May 2019 and called it “;a mistake”; in a tweet in which he denied having taken any money from TENEX.”; But, that hasn”;t stopped him from “;ironically railing against Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani and his “;rogue ties to Putin backed thugs in Ukraine & elsewhere,”;”; according to The Post.

Watch The Lincoln Project”;s anti-Trump ad tying the president to a mock “endorsement” by Putin below.

But that”;s not all. The Post noted that Weaver, “;who has also repeatedly called Trump a “;tax fraud”; and a “;tax crook”; on Twitter –; also has an outstanding $313,655 federal tax lien against his Austin, Texas, home.”; Fellow blowhard Lincoln Project leader Rick Wilson also “;has an outstanding $389,420 federal tax lien against his Tallahassee, Florida, home, and his bank moved to foreclose on the property in 2016.”;

The Post hammered Wilson”;s hypocrisy:

[He] never disclosed the money woes publicly, allowing him to sneer online about Trump”;s decision never to release his own taxes –; at one point calling him “;Brokeahontas,”; despite the fact that American Express had taken Wilson to court for his own unpaid $25,729 credit card bill the year before, documents show.

“;Lincoln Project boss”; and ex-Republican Steve Schmidt, is also a blathering hypocrite. He”;s been imploring “;his followers to vote in November.”; But “;records indicate he hasn”;t recently voted himself, with his home state of Utah listing him as an “;inactive voter,”;”; The Post reported.

Recently, Just The News reported that The Lincoln Project “;sent over $3 million in independent expenditures to a firm run by the treasurer of the committee itself.”; The report stated that this was “;an arrangement that raises the specter of what finance experts refer to as “;self-dealing.”;”

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