How to Write a Short Story, Get Published & Make Money

“A must read for anyone who has any interest in becoming a writer…”

“…I have read many books about writing, and this is the first I have come across that has the information you need not only to put pen to paper, but how to do so in a way that will help get your work published… …written in a humorous way, you really do come away with solid, practical advice from someone on the inside without feeling intimidated to give it a real go.”
Review from customer

Learn from a multitude of writing tips based on real-life experience

Thousands of authors around the world have improved their writing skills based on the teachings of Christopher Fielden. In How to Write a Short Story, Get Published & Make Money, Chris uses 16 of his published short stories as case-studies, enabling the reader to clearly see how his advice and tips were used in practice to achieve publishing success.

Presented in a humorous and conversational style, the book teaches you:

  • How to write well-constructed, publishable short stories
  • The value of conducting market research and how it can give your stories a much better chance of being published
  • Things to consider when submitting your short stories to competitions and magazines
  • How to learn from reading
  • How to learn from rejection and criticism
  • How to make money from your writing, including realistic expectations regarding how much you can earn
  • And much more

“This is such a helpful book. I enjoyed reading the sample short stories and finding out the process of working on them and submitting for competitions and publication. The critiques of the stories by competition judges and advice on what is sought by publishers is invaluable. The author is (brutally) honest about rejections, the need to edit and adapt stories, and the difficulties of making a living from writing but is always positive. As he says – Never give up.”
Review from customer

List of contributors:

Some of the publishers, magazine editors, competition judges and website administrators Chris has worked with have been kind enough to contribute to his book, giving useful, professional advice that can further help a writer take steps towards becoming a published author.

They are:

  • Andrew Campbell-Kearsey (Brighton COW)
  • Anthony Howcroft (InkTears)
  • David Howarth (Scribble)
  • Jessica Grace-Coleman (Darker Times)
  • Dr John Yeoman (Writers’ Village)
  • Johnathon Clifford (Vanity Publishing Info)
  • Lorraine Mace (Writers’ Forum)
  • Lynda Nash (Little House Creative Workshops)
  • Sara-Mae Tuson (InkTears)
  • Sue Moorcroft (Writers’ Forum)

“Hi Chris, I just wanted to tell you I am really enjoying your book. I love the way you share your knowledge. I particularly love the breakdowns of your personal stories with the emphasis on accepting criticism and using it as a tool. But my favorite aspect is the positive reinforcement of continuing to overcome the immediate self doubt we all feel when we start, and are at our most vulnerable. That is paramount.”
Review from Chris’s website

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3 Responses to How to Write a Short Story, Get Published & Make Money

  1. Michael Thomson says:

    An entertaining and practical guide to the short story If you’re considering purchasing this book, then it’s more likely than not you’re already a writer. Perhaps you’re thinking of trying out short stories, having previously tried other forms; perhaps you’ve already written several short stories and are wondering what to do with them. Perhaps you’ve sent them out to magazines and competitions, with varying degrees of success; perhaps you’re gearing up to send your masterpieces into the wide world for the first time, and need a place to start…

  2. DianneBW says:

    Insider tips from a generous and entertaining writer THANK YOU Chris! This book is an absolute steal and a total must-read for any aspiring writer. By ‘aspiring’ I mean anyone who’s trying to write, trying to improve, trying to get published and trying to understand why the hell the whole business is so frustratingly difficult.The book is good for a number of reasons: it’s comprehensive in scope, easy and entertaining to read and most of all, refreshingly honest. It’s helpful to read about situations where Chris hasn”t been…

  3. Mr. Rl Moriarty says:

    A really sensible how to start writing book – if you want one, this is a good one to get. Having sworn never to buy another book or another course on how to write, I saw an advert for this book and it has really changed me into a writer.Of course this isn’t really true – I have been writing articles for years but I have never had the nerve to write and attempt to get fiction published, I’m not saying that this book hasn’t been transformational – it has, because I decided that rather than try to write a huge novel and have it turned down by the publishers that I would have a…

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