Home Baking for Profit: Building a Business Making Money from your Kitchen: Volume 1 (Profits from Home)

Start Making Money Immediately! Yes You Can – I Did and so Can You Caren Curb never imagined her cookie recipes would be so popular in town. Businesses started hounding her for more variety. They began suggesting that she open her own shop. Well the popularity naturally grew into something she didn’t expect. Before too long, she worked on a marketing plan, got a food handler certificate, business license, and home occupation permit. Now she’s in a position to grow with employees and finding out the sky is the limit. There’s all kinds of opportunities for anyone who has a home kitchen, opening stores on Etsy and other craft or home business marketing storefronts, and selling at local fairs, festivals, and farmers markets. There’s also grocery stores, food service businesses and other shops. Basically, Caren explains the first steps to take, after all, success begins with the first steps. A few “winning” recipes will get you started. Once your cookies are in the public, you’ll be able to build a reputation and go from there.

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