BENGALURU: Karnataka”;s decision to permit ecommerce companies to ship all goods during a week-long lockdown starting Tuesday evening in capital Bengaluru, has come as a relief, said industry executives, as it takes the sting out of restrictions they face in other large markets such as Pune, Chennai and parts of Kolkata where only essential items are being allowed.Bengaluru, one of the top three cities for ecommerce in the country, is an exception in a situation where some other states and districts have allowed online deliveries only of food, pharmaceuticals and a few other essential goods such as medicines.These localised mini-lockdowns, industry executives and analysts said, could potentially dampen recovery of ecommerce sales across the country. Pune, Chennai and Kolkata, as well as districts surrounding Mumbai, such as Navi Mumbai and Thane, where ecommerce firms are facing sustained disruptions, constitute some of the top markets for online ordering in the country. “;Ecommerce is being allowed in Bengaluru for both essentials and non-essentials,”; an industry executive said, confirming the development. “;We will now see how the disruptions will be on the ground and accordingly decide on how to change our service-level agreements (SLA) with customers.”;76950971Karnataka”;s move to open up ecommerce completely even amid the lockdown will hopefully have a positive influence on other cities that are planning to go into lockdown soon, the executive added.Earlier on Monday, Amazon India stopped accepting orders from customers in Bengaluru, anticipating curbs on the shipment of non-essentials, as Pune had done earlier as part of its 10-day lockdown that began Monday midnight. Flipkart, too, had begun displaying longer delivery times, of more than 10 days, on its website and app before Karnataka gave ecommerce firms a breather.Executives in the two ecommerce marketplaces told ET that they would switch to accepting all orders. Amazon and Flipkart did not officially respond to ET”;s queries till press time on Monday.

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