CTR Manipulation

What is click-through rate manipulation? CTR, as many people know, is what we all want to happen to any of our pages, getting engagement and clicks onto any of our web properties is what we are all trying to achieve, with a view to retaining those people on the page, video or whatever you may have, this may be informational content or you may be trying to sell to someone.

A positive sign for google is pages that have clicks and engagement, those signals will show Google that this page clearly offers value and people will confirm that these signals have a massive factor in rankings and it would make complete sense for that to be the case. It can’t always just be links and content, can it?

Holly Starks

I invited the legend that is Holly Starks onto my podcast which you can see in the video above, Holly is big on YouTube and has been using CTR techniques to help videos rank for a number of years so this is no new thing. What I love about Holly is the fact that she tries and tests things and you regularly see her on Facebook trying CTR stuff with all of her phones alongside using Microworkers and a bunch of other stuff.

Whether its a page, podcast, video or whatever if you can get traffic and engagement on it very quickly it will give it a fair old ranking boost, I’ve tested this many times, but I also have added in paid ads, push notifications alongside using my organic social media and email marketing list to make sure that the engagement is from real people.

I’ve put out a number of videos on my YouTube channel introducing CTR and how my mix of paid ads help me generate me those clicks and engagement and it works very well for me and I think the sensible solution is to use paid ads rather than spending money on Bots and that type of thing to mimick clicks and engagement you would be best served using low-cost social media ads such as Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, Quora ads and anything else you can get your hands on that result in real traffic hitting your page or video.

CTR Bots

I have tried and tested a number of different bots for CTR over the last 6 months with a fairly poor amount of success which is why I mention trying to use low-cost methods to drive real traffic to your pages. Some bots do work on the likes of analytics but I would be almost certain that there are massive footprints and all of the known bots on the market whilst they show up and you can humour clients with fake traffic via analytics dont have the same impact as having real people on the website. Over the last 6 months, I’ve tried most of the well-known bots on the market and the only one I’ve had any real success with is CTR Booster.

But as time goes on engagement signals are becoming more important, make sure that you do try and test these methods as they do work, dont sit back and let everyone else take advantage of something that is working so well.

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