Clear Your Clutter: 50 Ways to Organize Your Life, Home or Business So You Can Become More Calm, Focused & Happy

Are you suffering from overwhelm? Has your life gotten cluttered up with too much to do, too many responsibilities or just too much stuff? Clear Your Clutter is the easy guide to getting organized and reclaiming your life. Sue Crum refers to herself as the accidental organizer and she believes if she can get organized, so can you. As an experienced professional organizer, educator and trainer Sue Crum outlines specific tips and techniques for clearing the clutter that’s holding you back from greater productivity and happiness. This book has 50 pathways from which you can choose what’s eating at you and how to get to greater success and laser action. Pick the section of the book that needs your focus: life, home or business, and dig in. You’ll learn where to start, when to begin, how to stay motivated, and how to create that calm and happiness we all strive to have. The world is a cluttered place; your life doesn’t have to be.

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