How to Make Money Online from Two Artificial Intelligence Applications (without any Coding Skills): Plus Eight Simple Ways to Create Passive Income

Technology is rapidly evolving, and it has become part of our daily lives such that we can hardly do anything today without it. There has been an unprecedented surge in the use of technology in every aspect of our lives.
One of the leading trends in the evolution of technology is artificial intelligence (A.I). A.I has a very wide scope of application and it is being used in unimaginable ways. For instance, it is being used in transportation to develop driverless cars, it has been adopted in retail where physical stores are operating without cashiers and some retail giants are developing robots to do routine tasks like cleaning, stocking shelves etc. It is also being used in travel and tourism where hotels are using robots developed with A.I to welcome guests and check them into their hotel rooms. These are just a few examples, the applications of A.I are almost endless.
This has presented amazing opportunities for anybody to take advantage of and create a source of income even if you do not have any coding or programming skills.
This book discusses how you can take advantage of two popular and common A.I applications to create a sustainable income and also discusses other passive income streams that you can utilize to grow your income.

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Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes and How to Correct Them: Lessons from the New Science of Behavioural Economics

Why do so many otherwise smart people make foolish financial choices? Why do investors sell stocks just before they skyrocket — and cling to others as they plummer? Why do shoppers overspend when using credit cards rather than cash? What do our habits of tipping or buying lottery tickets indicate about our relationship with money?In this fascinating investigation of the ways we spend, invest, save, borrow, and waste money, Gary Belsky and Thomas Gilovich reveal the psychological causes — the patterns of thinking and decision making — of irrational behavior. Most important, they focus on the decisions we make every day and, using entertaining examples, provide invaluable tips on avoiding the financial faux pas that can cost thousands of dollars each year.Why do so many otherwise rational individuals make irrational decisions when it comes to money? Financial journalist Gary Belsky and Cornell University psychology professor Thomas Gilovich contend the answers can be found–and the deficiencies remedied–with help from a relatively new science called behavioral economics. Still largely unknown outside academic circles, the field can be traced to research on the impact of rewards and punishments on human judgement and decision-making that first were undertaken at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University some 30 years ago. In Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes, Belsky and Gilovich update this pioneering work and show readers how to understand exactly why they invest, spend, and save as they do. More importantly, using examples that everyone can identify with and language that anyone can understand, the authors offer dozens of workable suggestions that can help readers manage their money better. “We believe that by identifying the psychological causes behind many types of financial decisions,” they write, “you can effectively change your behaviour in ways that will ultimately put more money in your pocket and help you keep more of what you already have.” —Howard Rothman,

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How To Become An App Entrepreneur: Make Serious Money from Developing Great Apps


It has been predicted that by the year 2021 the app market will grow to be worth $188 billion. The statistics tell us that most of the new apps that are being developed today will gain very little or no traction and their business will ultimately fail. There is hope.

Whether you are an experienced app developer or someone who has no technical skills whatsoever this book is for you. It will provide you will all the skills that you need to successfully build a brilliant app business and avoiding a lot of the common mistakes that app developers make.

In How To Become An App Entrepreneur, the tech entrepreneur Daniel Amos draws on his experience in the app development industry so that you can build the next successful mobile app. He walks you through each step in the app development process; from an idea jotted onto a notepad, to creating a development team, attracting thousands of paying customers, all the way through to ensuring that your app stays one step ahead of the competition and remains a success.

What you get out of this book?
* You will learn what apps make money and what ones don’t
* You will learn all the skills you need to build a successful app business
* You will learn how to come up with a winning app idea and evaluate it with potential customers
* You will learn how you can develop apps without any technical knowledge
* You will get to know why apps get rejected and what you need to do to optimise your sales

How to Become an App Entrepreneur is a practical book, with inside knowledge that you can apply straight away. It is an ideal book for any person wishing to create a successful app.

Gain the competitive edge today with “How to Become an App Entrepreneur”.

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Make Money Online and Increase Traffic: An Honest Book on Current Realistic Ways

Why is this book on how to make money online and increase your traffic different?

This book is different since it describes only reliable sites where you can earn reasonable passive and active income online and ways to increase traffic that really work. It’s been ranked a #1 seller in Interactive and Multimedia Technology.

You will learn:

How to earn passive streams of online income when you don’t have traffic.

How to increase your traffic.

How to earn passive streams of online income when you do have traffic.

How to earn active online income.

How to earn with Mobile Apps when you download the app to your smartphone and easily earn active income.

You can decide which of the over 80 sites are most suitable for you to pursue.

You will discover it’s not difficult to make money online.

When we first started we wished we had a straightforward book like this to explain effective and current ways to earn reasonable online income and increase traffic.

There is no sales hype in this book.

We are not selling you anything in this book.

Reading this book makes it easier to learn about online income and increasing your traffic since it clears you away from the ads and distractions on web pages.

Sit back and relax and see what methods of making money and increasing traffic interest you. You will find it’s not hard to make money online if you use reliable and realistic methods.

If your goal is to be happy and have streams of online income, then you should read this book.

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Make Money (feat. Bryte) [SNØW Remix]

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How to Make Money with a Portable Sawmill Business

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Top 10 Trading Setups: How to Find them, When to Trade them, How to Make Money with them

Different setups work in different markets. Everyone makes money in a bull market. Not everyone keeps it when the market goes into correction or a range-bound, choppy mode. A good trader is able to adapt to changing markets.

There are four major types of markets and each of them requires a different approach: Uptrend, Range-bound, Downtrend, and Bottoming Process. In this book, I show you how to recognize each market environment and how to best approach it.

This is one of the most practical trading books ever written. It doesn’t waste your time with personal stories of grandeur. It is all about setups – what setups to trade and when, why they work, how to find them, how to trade them, where to exit. It is a complete game plan for any market environment.

And since I believe a good picture is worth a thousand words – there are 140 annotated charts with examples for all ten major setups discussed in the book.

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Make Art Make Money: Lessons from Jim Henson on Fueling Your Creative Career

In our culture, artistic genius and poverty seem inevitably linked, but does it have to be that way? Jim Henson didn’t think so. An iconic creator and savvy businessman, Henson is a model for artists everywhere: without sacrificing his creative vision, Henson built an empire of lovable Muppets that continues to educate and inspire-and a business that was worth $150 million at the time of his death. How did he ever pull it off? And how can other creators follow in his path? In Make Art Make Money: Lessons from Jim Henson on Fueling Your Creative Career, journalist and educator Elizabeth Hyde Stevens presents ten principles of Henson’s art and business practices that will inspire artists everywhere. Part manifesto, part history, part cultural criticism, part self-help, Make Art Make Money is a new kind of business audiobook for creative professionals: a guide for creating and succeeding thanks to lessons from the Muppet Master himself.

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How to Make Money with a Wood Lathe – Best Selling Wooden Crafts and Turning Projects

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